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Seattle One Bedroom Apartments for Rent

Whenever travelers visit Seattle, they will naturally require an apartment that offers ample space and comfort above all else. There are couples visiting this beautiful city for work and leisure along with solo travelers and even smaller families. Which is the best accommodation option for their needs? Our 1 bedroom apartments in Seattle are the top picks for both business travelers and holidayers alike. They offer fully furnished and spacious accommodation for short-term or even longer stays ranging from weeks to months.

Our Best 1 Bedroom Apartments in Seattle

Every furnished apartment in Seattle will offer its own distinctive vibe, signature attributes and aesthetics. Different travelers will end up liking different things, ranging from the spacious living area to the plush bedroom, comfortable beds, sofas, fully equipped kitchens and all the gadgets. Our portfolio of 1 bedroom apartments in Seattle is equipped to cater to all possible requirements of our guests.

Facilities in Our 1 Bedroom Apartments in Seattle 

Our award-winning line-up of 1 bedroom apartments in Seattle offers the highest possible comfort and convenience to travelers. Our apartments are designed to meet all possible needs of guests, ranging from business travelers looking to attend conferences or pitch ideas to even solo travelers seeking adventure. Our 1 bedroom apartments offer spacious accommodation and comfortable sleeping quarters for solo travelers, small families and business travelers alike. Couples looking for greater privacy and flexibility will also appreciate our apartments. We believe that each guest should be well rested before another hectic day ahead. Hence, we not only offer comfortable beds and plush furnishings but also free Wi-Fi and flat-screen televisions for ultimate relaxation, entertainment and connectivity alike. Fully equipped kitchens help you maintain a healthy diet throughout your stay. You can whip up your own healthy meals while saving on dining out costs greatly! We offer all vital kitchen appliances that you will require in this regard. 

While all the above facilities are guaranteed at our apartments, there are several other add-ons or extras which may apply for your bookings. However, this depends on whether they are available in the apartment building or premises. Some of these additional facilities (may be included at an additional cost or as part of the overall package) include concierge solutions, gymnasium access, free parking facilities, elevator access, business centres, rooftop decks and sauna provisions among others.

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