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Top 1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Seoul

A 1 bedroom apartment in Seoul may just be what you’re looking for while traveling to the major business and tourism hub. Our serviced apartments in Seoul are ideal for solo travelers, couples and even smaller families traveling to the city.

Our 1 bedroom apartments come with the space, comfort and privacy that you require on your trip along with the best amenities and other facilities as well. You also get to enjoy strategic connectivity to major tourist landmarks in Seoul along with commercial and corporate hubs alike. Each one of our apartments is suitably furnished with a view towards giving you a home-like experience for extended Seoul stays. 

Our Best 1 Bedroom Apartment in Seoul for Traveler

Each one of our 1 bedroom apartment in Seoul units comes with its special character and amenities for guests. Our apartments offer everything that guests require, right from dedicated bedrooms with comfortable furnishings to spacious living areas and well-equipped kitchens as well.  Our portfolio of 1 bedroom apartments in Seoul units is ideal for every kind of traveler. 

Facilities in Our 1 Bedroom Apartment in Seoul 

Our 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Seoul are well equipped to ensure enjoyable and convenient daily living. They offer everything from air conditioning to BBQ facilities, business centers, concierge services, free car parking, dry cleaning and laundry services, elevator access, rooftop terraces, balconies, bathroom amenities, toiletries, hair dryers, washer dryer machines, appliances like freezers, microwaves, ovens and more. Of course, some amenities like on-site gymnasiums, swimming pools and others depend on availability and provisions within the premises. 

At the same time, every apartment also gets complimentary Wi-Fi for excellent connectivity along with flat-screen televisions for entertainment and recreation. Every apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen for cooking delicious personal meals while being fitted out with the best appliances. We also offer round the clock customer assistance along with a plethora of safety and security features alongside.

Some apartments may also have chargeable breakfast and room service along with onsite restaurants, bars, cafes and communal lounges in tandem with sauna and spa treatments. Steam rooms are also available at some apartments. It all depends on whether the particular property has a provision for the same or not. Above all else, every apartment comes with everything you need for a truly enjoyable stay in Seoul.

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