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More about Pudong, Shanghai

 Facts About Pudong

Pudong being a great mix of nightlife and serenity has a lot of excitement to offer. With lake waters, lush green parks, and welcoming localities Pudong must feel appealing already. A few facts about it that may take your interest even further include:

  • The Oriental Tower which happens to be the biggest attraction in all of Pudong and even Shanghai is proudly the highest in all of Asia.
  • The prestigious J Hotel Shanghai Tower with a height of 632 meters happens to be the highest hotel worldwide. Indeed a great achievement to boast for Shanghai.
  • This by default makes it home to the highest club and swimming pool in the world as well. You will love a dip in the highest pool in the world, wouldn’t you?
  • The word Pudong essentially defines its location in Shanghai and the country, ‘East of Huangpu’.
  • You will be surprised to know that the very hip nightlife here is as famous as NYC and Las Vegas as you will find multiple comparisons of it during your trip to Pudong.

Weather in Pudong

Like most of Shanghai and China, summers in Pudong can be very harsh. The period between October and September is often most preferred for the light summer activities here. Cloudy winters begin from December onwards so you can enjoy the best winter activities and cold breeze then. If you wish to avoid the bitter cold then January being the coldest should be your last option.