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Shenzhen's Futian District is located in Guangdong Province and is the city core of Shenzhen. It connects the districts of Luohu on the east, Nanshan on the west, and Longhua on the north. It is ranked 3rd on China's Top 100 Districts Lists due to its excellent economic power. 

Our serviced apartments in Futian offer the best services and amenities to make guests feel at ease. Guests can enjoy 24-hour security, daily housekeeping, 24-hour front desk, easy check-in/check-out, and luggage storage while staying at this excellent facility.

Visit the Mangrove Nature Reserve, Xiasha Village, and Bi Jia Mountain. It is a green corridor in Shenzhen's metropolitan area. It is a haven for birds and mangroves and an excellent site for people to watch birds, take in the view of the sea, and marvel at the mangroves' beauty.

Top Serviced Apartments in Futian

Every guestroom of our serviced apartments in Futian reflects the ambiance of a posh hotel. Wireless internet connection, both smoking, and non-smoking rooms, air conditioning, and a work desk are just a few of the amenities available throughout the facility. Thanks to our guest feedback over the decade, we take pride in calling ourselves the ideal base to enjoy any vacation here.

Where to stay in Futian?

Futian is known to be one of the top destinations for business travellers. There are multiple areas in Futian where one can stay including Nanshan district, Luoho district etc. It depends on the purpose of an individual where they want to stay. Also one of the ideal places to live can be near the Dongmen old street as it is just in the middle of the city. 

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More about Futian, Shenzhen

Facts About Futian

It is a green corridor in Shenzhen's metropolitan area that makes Futian a haven for birds and mangroves and an excellent site for people to watch birds, take in the view of the sea, and marvel at the beauty of the mangrove. Some of the facts that can stir your love for our serviced apartments in Futian are:

  • There is also a folk hamlet featuring a variety of ancient practices, such as the Huang Ancestral Hall, martial arts performances, Cantonese opera performances, and the famous dish Pen Cai.
  • The three prominent peaks of the mountain, which resemble pen holders, have given the hill its name. The bustling cityscape and Shenzhen Bay can be seen from the summit. 
  • The tides have created a natural cobblestone channel. It fades in and out as the waves rise and fall, making a marvel. Sanqing Pavilion, the mountain's most famous structure, is impossible to miss. 

Weather in Futian

The weather of Futian, Shenzhen is moderate all year due to its subtropical climate, with lots of sunshine and rainfall. Summer in this metropolis can last up to 6 months, yet it is rarely too hot. Winter, in comparison, is relatively brief and not particularly cold. The most significant time to visit Shenzhen is in the autumn, from November to early January. It should be noted that the city is situated on the Pearl River's estuary, making it vulnerable to typhoons. Typhoons affect Shenzhen's climate primarily from May to December, with the most significant storms occurring between July and September.