4 Bedroom Apartments in Sydney

Fully Furnished 4 Bedrooms Apartments in Sydney

Sydney is Australia's oldest and largest city, with about 4.5 million people and an impressive portfolio of serviced apartments. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a popular tourist attraction in Sydney, Australia. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and Sydney Tower are all world-famous monuments set on one of the world's most stunning harbors. With our exclusive range of 4 bedroom apartments in Sydney, your experience of the city gets twice more exciting. The laid-back outdoor lifestyle, busy nightlife, world-class restaurants and cafés, savvy shopping, and breath-taking sightseeing attract over 2 million tourists each year. No wonder our abodes are increasingly gaining so much popularity over the years.

Our Best 4 Bedrooms Apartments in Sydney

Our fully equipped abodes here have their exuberant charm which gives people a very homely feeling away from home. You do not need to worry about your family missing out on the luxuries of posh hotels because the quality of living that these abodes offer is curated to suit global standards. At TheSqua.re we provide different types of service apartments which can fit your needs, wants, expectations, budgets, and whatnot. 

You can easily pick from our finest choices of 4 bedroom apartments in Sydney listed below for a quick reference:

Why Should You Book Our 4 Bedrooms Apartments in Sydney?

Live in the lap of luxury in one of these massive apartments in the heart of Melbourne’s commercial district. It's intended to put our visitors at ease and make them feel welcome. Each of our  4 bedroom apartments in Melbourne is elegantly designed with modern furnishings and luxurious accents, exuding elegance and class. Our furnished bedrooms are popular amongst different genres of individuals, who are looking forward to spending time in Melbourne and exploring the city at their own pace. At TheSqua.re, you can expect a great mix of comfort and luxury at all times. While we try our best to meet your expectations, even if you have any last-minute requests to make to upgrade your apartment experience, our online team will be in touch with you at all times to make sure you get everything. That is the kind of service and accountability our team aims to offer.

Facilities in our 4 Bedrooms Apartments in Sydney

Each of our multiple bedrooms abodes is perfect for a more extended stay, large family, or when you like your home-like space and comforts even while you are on the go. It offers two master suites, two comfortable bedrooms with a private bath, and plenty of living area. The warm and friendly decor, contemporary furnishings, and fully equipped kitchens ensure that you have all you need at your fingertips.

This apartment has a lived-in feeling and various conveniences that make it seem like a home away from home during your trip. Microwave, oven, dishwasher, cloth washer, voicemail on an international direct dial phone, digital safe with ironing facilities, security locks, video door cameras, parking facilities, DVD player, LCD TV with satellite TV channels, cutlery, and whatnot together make these abodes closer to luxury accommodation.

Come stay in one of the most convenient apartments with your family. You can skim through all the in-depth offerings in the Facilities section itself.

Contact the reservations team at TheSqua.re to book your 4 bedroom apartment in Sydney, or take a look at our Sydney serviced apartments.

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