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Top Serviced Apartments in Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is one of the coolest and glitziest locations in Australia. You will find many serviced apartments here. There are apartments catering to various needs. Bondi Beach rentals offer space for couples or solo travelers. There are options for accommodating larger groups too.

Here are Top Bondi Beach Rentals for Tourists and Travelers

Each one of our Bondi Beach serviced apartments comes with great amenities. Travelers can take their pick from fully-furnished Bondi Beach holiday rentals. Some of the best facilities include free Wi-Fi, comfortable bedrooms and more. You will also enjoy facilities like fully-equipped kitchens and vital appliances. We also offer round-the-clock service and support for our guests.

Where to Stay in Bondi Beach

There are many destinations to stay in Bondi Beach. These include Hall Street and Grafton Street. Other localities include Campbell Parade and Queen Elizabeth Drive. Other options include O Brien Street and some other areas.
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Facts About Bondi Beach

Here are some interesting facts about Bondi Beach:
  • The name comes from water breaking over rocks. It is an Aboriginal word.
  • Some say it means Boondi sticks used for fighting at a place.
  • Bondi Beach covers 0.62 miles with 1.22 square kilometres in area.
  • Bondi Beach sees super-busy days with 40,000+ visitors.
  • 200 people fell into the water in 1938. This Black Sunday saw five people dying.
  • The beach saw its hottest day in 2018 at 47.3 degrees Celsius.
  • TV shows like The Block and Bondi Rescue are set amidst Bondi Beach.
  • Famous residents include Michael Clarke, Rose Byrne, etc.
  • City to Surf takes place every year with 80,000 people.
  • 2007 saw 1,010 bikini-wearing models gather for a photoshoot. It set the Guinness World Record for the biggest swimsuit photoshoot.

Weather in Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach offers pleasant temperatures throughout the year. Winters are usually cooler than normal. Temperatures plunge to 8.8-17 degrees Celsius between June and August. The warmest months are between January and March. The rest of the year has steady temperatures. They usually go below 20 degrees Celsius in these months. Bondi Beach is one destination that you can visit at almost any time of the year.
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Bath Towels
Microwave oven
Washer / Dryer
Microwave oven
Chopping Board
Trash can
Bedside Table
Coffee Table
Bathroom amenities (soap, shampoo, etc)
Dinning table and chairs
Bathroom amenities
Toilet Paper
Make Up Mirror
Secure Entry System
Carbon monoxide alarm
Gas Safety check
Electrical safety check
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Onsite Restaurant
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Private Cinema
Rooftop Terrace
Smoking Allowed

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