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If there’s a neighborhood that reflects Asia in New South Wales, it’s Eastwood. Located roughly over 15 km from the sprawling city of Sydney, Eastwood is the hub of Asian dining in all of Sydney. The many parks, high-end residential communities and bylanes would give you a thorough suburban feel. Here you can spend a peaceful day or two, in quite a contrast to the modern concrete jungles that cities are.

If you are visiting Eastwood, you will not be disappointed with this neighborhood as it has a calmness which you certainly enjoy for a few days away from that hustle-bustle of modern towns. And our Eastwood furnished apartments are always there to take your suburban staycation feels up a notch. 

Some of Our Top Eastwood Serviced Apartments in Sydney

With our Eastwood serviced apartments, you get to stay at a unique and modern place. Each of these one, two, and three bedroom apartments are fully furnished and comes equipped with all the modern amenities that you wish for during your stay at a resort. These include free Wi-Fi, TVs, Clock radio, direct dial telephones, crisp linen and towels as well as on-site covered parking.

That’s not all, these serviced apartments also house modern appliances such as dishwashers, cooktop, frost-free refrigerator, electric stove, microwave, and other small appliances, so that you don’t miss cooking at home. Not to forget the cozy bedroom with an attached bathroom to make your stay pleasant.

Where to Stay in Eastwood

This is one of the most important aspects when you visit any place for the first time. It is always preferable to stay at a central location, where you can catch the highlights of the city as well as spend little time commuting. Our Eastwood furnished apartments are situated in a central residential location which is just minutes away from the ultra-dense and buzzing city centre as well as the Eastwood railway station.

Moreover, with the kind of suburban greenery that this neighborhood has to offer, it would be highly desirable to stay for an extra few days in solitude and find some solace in such a cool modern, and organically grown suburb. And the fact that it is located just 20 minutes off Sydney, makes it highly convenient for locals and tourists to get to Sydney in absolutely no time. 

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More about Eastwood, Sydney

Facts About Eastwood

Eastwood as a neighborhood is situated at a geographical location that is superb to make it an ultra-desired place to settle in. Some of the interesting facts about Eastwood are: 

  • It was originally inhabited by Aboriginals before the arrival of Europeans who made a settlement here in the late 1700s.
  • Eastwood is home to Granny Smith cultivar of apples popular for their green color, tart flavor, and characteristic texture.
  • The buzzing Rowe Street is the focal point of the town and you get some of the freshest seafood here.
  • The train tracks unofficially divide two Asian cultures in Eastwood, i.e. the Chinese and the Koreans.
  • There is an endless line of Asian cuisine restaurants such as bakeries, BBQ joints, karaoke pubs, you name it.
  • Eastwood is home to some of the best public schools and universities in Australia.

Weather in Eastwood

Eastwood enjoys a moderate climate. With summer months ranging from December through February, the temperature remains ideally between 26 to 28 degrees celsius (79.2 - 83.9 deg. Fahrenheit). The best time to visit Eastwood is Spring and Fall where the temperatures range anywhere between 19-25 degrees Celsius (66 - 80 deg Fahrenheit).