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Mascot is not far from Sydney airport. It is a few minutes drive to the city. There are plenty of shops in this suburb with grocers, cafes, etc. The people are quite friendly and there are mostly suburban houses. It is a place suitable for the taste and indulgence of business travellers and tourists who want to be near green and expansive spaces. During the day they can feel as if they are staying in the hub of the city, but during the evenings, they will have all the quietude to themselves. It is the reason that serviced apartments in Mascot are quite sought after in this area. 

Top Serviced Apartments in Mascot

Each serviced apartments in Mascot comes equipped with many amenities and facilities for the residents or travellers. They can have a perfect stay. There is a fully equipped kitchen where one can do home cooking with ease and comfort. There is a free Wi-Fi connection for seamless net enjoyment. You can stay in our cosy bedrooms in comfy beds just to relax and unwind. 

Where to Stay in Mascot

Mascot is not very large with its little charm of the countryside or a fine suburban area. One can stay close to the hub of the market area in our apartments where one will have absolute stillness like the countryside during the evenings. You can choose to stay in one of our cosy little serviced apartments that have massive bay windows facilitating wonderful views of the outside world including the boulevards and avenues. You may choose to stay in one of our apartments near the parks that are within walkable distance. You can take a stroll to them during the evenings and stay some time in the thick of greenery. 

Designed for a modern lifestyle, open, simple, yet offering luxurious stay, there are stunning apartments located in the heart of Mascot's vibrant community hub. It offers a generous rooftop courtyard with panoramic views of Sydney's skyline, parklands and beautiful Botany Bay. One, two and three-bedroom apartments are available for guests to enjoy, whether they are on business trips or family vacations.

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More about Mascot, Sydney

Facts About Mascot

Mascot is a suburb in Sydney, Australia. The place got its initial grants of land in 1835. Its Botany road was constructed in 1875. The land where the racecourse stands today was owned by the Australian Golf Club in the past. This racecourse was known as Ascot, its namesake in England. The name Mascot of this place has been derived from its earlier name Ascot. Today, Mascot has almost everything a city usually is proud of like its market, shopping arcades, parks, gardens, public amenities, transport, etc. 

Weather in Mascot

It is best to visit Mascot in Australia in January. You can visit Mascot until May. If you want to visit in September, the weather is suitable till December. You will have a pleasant and warm temperature.