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Facts About Meadowbank

Striking facts about this gorgeous suburb that you should know too include:

  • Aboriginal culture was the clans of a larger group of people who are sharing a common language. It is the most known culture of Meadowbank. The three main languages of this culture include Kuring-Gai, Dharug, and Dharawal. 
  • Meadowbank has a mixed commercial-residential area that also features a small group of shops. 
  • Some of the prestigious parks include Meadowbank Park, memorial park, Anderson Park, and Wool Way Park. 
  • Previously, this zone was considered quite a little suburb with low-density flats and low growth estimation. It has bounced back unrecognizably n the past decade. 

Weather at Meadowbank

The area experiences a moderate climate all year round. The temperature ranges from 29 degrees to 30 degrees and precipitation of 235 mm to 230 mm. March to November is considered the best duration to visit Meadowbank. With a high precipitation rate, it is quite obvious that the area receives a lot of rainfall in the summer and stays quite dry in winter. Whatever be the month one chooses to visit the Meadowbank apartments for rent will always be there to serve the best.