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Facts about North Sydney

Situated on the northern side of Sydney Harbour, besides the eastern coast of Cape Breton Island, North Sydney is a significant port in Atlantic Canada. It serves as the marine link for the Trans-Canada Highway, connecting Newfoundland.

  • North Sydney is also known as the Gateway to Newfoundland

  • The first settlers, the Loyalists and Europeans, came around 1785 to the North Sydney

  • In the initial periods of the 19th century, it developed as a key shipbuilding centre 

  • The full-rigged largest wooden ship to be constructed in Cape Breton, named ‘Lord Clarendon’ was built here in 1851. 

  • During both the World Wars; first & Second, North Sydney discharged central role in relaying  information related to Europe to both Washington D.C and Ottawa 

Weather in North Sydney

Weather here is sunny, with warm summers and mild winters. During summers, the average temperatures are from 65.5 - 78.4°F (18.6 - 25.8°C) with an average humidity of up to 65%.