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Facts About Parramatta

Parramatta was established in 1788 as a settlement by the British, the same year as Sydney City. It is Australia’s oldest inland settlement while being the economic hub for Greater Western Sydney too. Here are some interesting facts about Parramatta: 

  • Parramatta is Australia’s second oldest city and is just 10 months younger to Sydney. 
  • The British Colonists landed in January 1788 at Sydney Cove although it proved inadequate for feeding the entire group. Governor Arthur Phillip chose Parramatta for building a major farm. 
  • It was the point where the river transformed into freshwater for farming and was the farthest point along the Parramatta River which was navigable. 2nd November 1788 is when the Governor ventured to The Crescent, now within Parramatta Park. 
  • The settlement was initially named Rose Hill after George Rose, the British politician. The name was changed to Parramatta on 4th June, 1791, by Governor Phillip. 
  • The Battle of Parramatta took place in March, 1797 between the British Army and Bidjigal warriors led by Pemulwuy.
  • Governor Phillip built a home on The Crescent, swapped for a bigger one in 1799. It was improved by Governor Lachlan Macquarie in 1815-1818. This remains intact, being the oldest Governor House in Australia. 
  • Parramatta is also called the River City. 

Weather in Parramatta

Parramatta witnesses warm summers and cold and short winters. The best time to visit is between early in December and late March.