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More about Rosehill, Sydney

Facts about Rosehill

Book our serviced apartments in Rosehill get to know the neighborhood a little more closely. Some of the facts include:

  • The neighborhood of Rosehill was founded in 1914 and is dominated by single families since the early years of the 20th century. 
  • Rosehill got its name from the Rose Hill Greenhouses. It is located in 1902 near Hollywood Park. 
  • Rosehill lake area has about 397 single-family properties.
  • In 1747 Rosehill was the firm that was acquired by James Delancey.  
  • Rosehill has a garden area with 25 race meetings each year. This is one of the main Sydney’s premier entertainment hot spots. 

Weather at Rosehill

Much like most of Sydney, winters here are very cold and snowy while summers are warm and muggy. While the weather at Rosehill create a monumental vibe to wander around throughout the year, January to May is considered the ideal time to visit when the temperature is warm and pleasant. January and June are the hottest and the coldest respectively. Our abodes are well equipped according to each weather condition and are all set to provide the best serviced apartments in Rosehill.