Best Places to Stay in Tokyo

Best Locations to Stay in Tokyo

Tokyo is a well-liked vacation spot that draws lots of travellers each year. Looking for a suitable urban residence? With's extensive selection of serviced flats, explore the best possibilities. We provide large, fully furnished apartments in Tokyo with all the contemporary amenities you want. Furthermore, our flats are situated in well-known urban neighbourhoods close to popular tourist attractions, transportation hubs and shopping malls. When you stay with us in Tokyo, you can rely on the ease and convenience of serviced rooms as well as the solitude. At, short-term as well as long-term stays are reasonably priced.

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Things to know before booking serviced apartments in Tokyo

The number of family members you have and whether you have young children or older children will determine where in Tokyo you should stay. Odaiba and Tokyo Station are the best options if you are travelling with small children.

Hotels in Tokyo are less pricey than you may expect. Actually, you can disregard capsule hotels! For around USD 150, you can book a 3.5-star hotel in a prime location in Tokyo, which is comparable to the cost of a hotel in Singapore or Hong Kong.

The areas around Tokyo Station, Ginza/Hibiya, Shibuya, Roppongi, and Shinjuku are the safest places to stay in Tokyo. Siinagawa and Nihombashi are also among the decent places.

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The Best Area to Stay In Tokyo

If you are wondering where to stay in Tokyo, these are the areas suitable for you:

  • Shinjuku- The greatest locations to stay in Tokyo are in Shinjuku, particularly those on the west side of the railway. It is located on the crucial Yamanote Line and serves as one of the city's largest transport hubs. There are hundreds of eateries, numerous department stores, enormous electronics stores, and Kinokuniya, the best bookstore in Tokyo. Additionally, there are several attractions nearby.
  • Shibuya- On the western end of the Yamanote Line, Shibuya is yet another enormous commerce and transportation hub. Similar to Shinjuku in many ways, it is rated highly for the same reasons that Shinjuku is: easy access to transportation (which includes the Yamanote Line), a wide variety of eateries and shops, and a wealth of attractions. Just in case it matters, it's a little bit more youthful and less chaotic than Shinjuku.

Best Area in Tokyo for Sightseeing

If you want to be lodged in the vicinity of the top attractions of Tokyo, you may consider the following areas:

  • Shinjuku- The greatest area to stay in Tokyo for sightseeing is undoubtedly Shinjuku. Neon lights, busy streets, crowded train stations, contemporary commercial towers, picturesque public parks, vending machine eateries, big shopping malls, and reasonably priced 100 yen shops are all present in Shinjuku, which personifies Tokyo as seen on television.
  • Tokyo Station/Marunouchi Area- In addition to being the city's primary transportation centre, the Tokyo Station/Marunouchi region is an excellent spot to stay. Additionally, all of the major department stores in the city may be reached by strolling through Ginza, Nihombashi, etc. And there are dozens of restaurants in the vicinity. The Imperial Palace and surrounding parks are nearby.

Best Area in Tokyo for Shopping

You will be completely awed by the vibrance and energy of the shopping zones of Tokyo. Don’t miss the following areas:

  • Ginza- Due to its reputation as the country's top location for luxury shopping, tourists may feel frightened by Ginza. However, Ginza also offers a good selection of affordable and midrange stores. The Don Quijote bargain shop near the southern end of Ginza is a good place to find inexpensive 100 yen (less than $1) souvenirs and pre-owned LV bags.
  • Shinjuku- Shinjuku, Japan's busiest station, has lots of wonderful shopping opportunities. There are numerous shops for various purposes, from high-end brand stores to young people's malls. The best department store to look for luxury brands is ISETAN, and Takashimaya has a wide selection of goods from high-end labels to novelty things like UNIQLO and Tokyu Hands.

Best Places in Tokyo for Families

If you are visiting Tokyo with your family and children, the following places can be ideal for your stay:

  • Tokyo Station- If you want to stay away from the buzzing neighbourhoods you can stay in the Tokyo Station Area. It is perfect since it has excellent access to the trains, making it simple to get through the city.
  • Odaiba- Tokyo Disneyland and other family-friendly attractions can be found on the man-made island of Odaiba.
  • Asakusa- Asakusa is a low-rise neighbourhood in the older portions of Tokyo that is generally tranquil and close to significant historical sites.

Best Area in Tokyo for Food and Restaurants

There are several locations in Tokyo where top-notch eateries, cafés, and pubs are concentrated. Some of these include:

  • Ginza Corridor Street- Due to its international restaurants and pubs, this region is quite well-liked. Fresh oysters can be had at an oyster bar, while Brazilian or Mexican may provide meat meals in hearty portions with beer. 
  • Yurakucho Station- Be sure to sample traditional appetisers such as sashimi, niku dofu (simmered beef and tofu), motsuni (tripe stew), yakitori (grilled chicken), and potato salad, all of which may be eaten with beer or Japanese sake at moderately priced bars in the vintage Showa-era ambience. 

Best Area in Tokyo for Nightlife

Tokyo has several districts with some of the most vibrant nightlife in the world. Make sure to visit the following places:

  • Shibuya- Shibuya is one of Tokyo's busiest and brightest core areas, so it's not surprising that it stays open late. There are a tonne of restaurants, shops, bars, clubs, arcades, and drinking spots that serve night owls far into the early morning hours.
  • Roppongi- Unquestionably one of Tokyo's most well-known nightlife areas, Roppongi is teeming with clubs, pubs, and all-night partygoers. Roppongi is a real mash-up, featuring posh bars, jazz clubs, western-style clubs, endless dive bars, and even more seedy places.

Best Places in Tokyo for First Timers

If you are visiting Tokyo for the first time, the following are some of the areas you can choose to stay in:

  • Asakusa- First-timers seeking a taste of traditional Japan should stay in Asakusa if they want to stay in one of Tokyo's older neighbourhoods. The renowned Senso-ji temple is the absolute highlight of this region, which is rich in culture and history.
  • Tokyo Station- Many tourists who visit Tokyo for tourism purposes prefer lodging in the western areas of the city, which is where you can find the city's well-known neon lights, banners, and the substantial pedestrian crossings we've all seen in movies.

Best Places to Stay in Tokyo for Tourists

The following places in Tokyo are perfect for tourists:

  • Shinjuku- The world's busiest station, Shinjuku Station, is located in Tokyo's enormous Shinjuku area. The district is split into the West and the East by Shinjuku Station.
  • Ginza- After Shinjuku, Ginza is the nicest neighbourhood in Tokyo for tourists to stay with plenty of shopping centres and enormous eateries.

Tokyo Station-  Tokyo Station is well connected to central Tokyo, Tokyo Disney, Tokyo airports, Tokyo suburbs, and other regional cities like Kyoto and Osaka.