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A major commercial and residential hub in Toronto, Baldwin Village lies towards the west of Downtown Toronto and within the Grange Park neighborhood. It lies a block northwards from Dundas Street West between McCaul and Beverly Streets. The thoroughfares house charming homes which have now been transformed into small stores selling curios, arts and crafts in tandem with restaurants. Demand is naturally high for furnished apartments in Baldwin Village owing to their tranquil and pristine nature.

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All our furnished apartments in Baldwin Village come with the best amenities and facilities for guests. From complimentary Wi-Fi and comfortable beds to fully-equipped kitchens, there is everything you need for a memorable stay. 

Where to Stay in Baldwin Village

Baldwin Village has several areas that you can consider within the broader Grande Park neighborhood. There is Dundas Street West along with McCaul and Beverly Streets in tandem with the adjacent Chinatown which has a higher population of Chinese residents along with lip-smacking food options.

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Facts About Baldwin Village

The main thoroughfare was laid out and named in the honor of William Warren Baldwin. He owned a major portion of this area back in the early 19th century. Development of the neighborhood took place from the early 20th century with the Jewish ghetto shifting westwards from the original location within The Ward towards the area which became the Kensington Market Jewish Community.

Here are some more interesting facts about Baldwin Village: 

  • The main strip started housing multiple Jewish restaurants and stores alike. 
  • With the Jewish community moving northwards from downtown, the zone’s proximity to the famous Chinatown brought several Chinese-Canadians to the locality. 
  • The University of Toronto lies close by and Baldwin Village is encompassed by what was called as Student Ghetto or the hub of 1960s movements by youth and students. It was the central area for draft dodgers dating back to the Vietnam War in Toronto. They converted several homes into shops which started catering to the newer communities. 
  • The first café opened on the block back in 1978 and the area has now transformed into one of the most popular restaurant districts in the city of Toronto. 
  • The last remnant of the area’s Jewish roots was Mandel’s Creamery on Baldwin Street which shut down in the year 1995 after functioning for 90 years. 

Weather in Baldwin Village 

The summers are most comfortable in Baldwin Village with winters being dry, considerably windy and freezing at times. It remains cloudy for a major part of the year while temperatures usually vary between 17 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The minimum and maximum temperatures usually touch 1 degree Fahrenheit and 85 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. The best time to visit is between late June and early September for enjoying the warmer weather and outdoor activities.