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Cabbagetown Serviced Apartments for Rent

A beautiful neighbourhood area where TheSqua.re has unique furnished apartments in Cabbagetown. Ideal stay for each traveller, Cabbagetown is a place that one can add to their vacation list.

If one is thinking to visit with a group, our abodes add a fine touch to your travel diaries. If one is looking forward to some business meetings here, our work abodes come in handy. With features like a kitchen, dishwashers, and maid services, living in a new space gets fun. 

For each type of traveller, planning is ideal. Get yourself a spacious serviced apartment in Cabbagetown. A furnished apartment where one can sit together, relax, or plan a beautiful holiday.

Our Top Furnished Apartments in Cabbagetown:

Our serviced apartments in Cabbagetown have a car parking facility on the property. It also has lift accessibility for a touch of luxurious comforts. The fine modern interiors have a home vibe that supports a wholly loaded kitchen. The kitchen includes a dishwasher machine and crockery. It consists of an oven, fridge, cutlery, electric hob, and more. 

Guests often get homesick while staying away from home. We sort indoor entertainment with free Wi-Fi access and flat-screen television. The TV has a free view package so that one can binge-watch their favourite shows for refreshment. Some entertaining distractions include a full-fledged fitness center. Visitor parking is available too.

Where to Stay in Cabbagetown

Riverdale Farm is the iconic place of Cabbagetown. Stayers can reach Riverdale in a few minutes from our apartments. Most of our abodes mushroom in the Church-Wellesley neighbourhood. Stayers who are into old architecture and designs can check out the city’s best antique and design shops. The famous antique store in Cabbagetown is Labour of Love.

A famous show, The Phoenix, is the most-watched show nearby. Stayers can check the show timings from the travel guide. It comes with our furnished apartments in Cabbagetown. The Verve is an exciting oasis of a location to enjoy the neighbourhood. Some famous dining places are the House of Parliament, Jet Fuel, and Peartree.

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More about Cabbagetown, Toronto


Facts About Cabbagetown

Cabbagetown is considered a semi-detached Victorian House. It is the most preserved area of North America.

Other loving facts to excite you about furnished apartments for rent in Cabbagetown include:

  • Cabbagetown derived its name from the Irish immigrants who used to grow cabbage in 1840.
  • Many community activists restored small Victorian row houses. Darrell Kent was the driving force in making the neighbourhood beautiful and unique. 
  • Most areas of Cabbagetown were sold at $1 Million. 
  • The largest concentration of homeless shelters and drop-in centers is in Cabbagetown. The main streets involved are Dudas and Sherbourne Streets. 

Weather in Cabbagetown

The weather in Toronto doesn’t vary much from season to season. It almost has cold winds and snowfall. The most popular times to book serviced apartments are from May to August. Catch the Toronto sun in all its glory.

Winters are also fascinating there due to the snowfalls and scenery. The places in Cabbagetown provide lovely views during the winters. One can consider this place for photo shoots during this season. Our furnished apartments in Cabbagetown will be very helpful for your stay here. Each abode promises facilities that keep up with all weather conditions in this Toronto neighbourhood.