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The Church Yonge Corridor is a neighborhood located in Downtown Toronto. It is one of the most populated areas in the city. Surrounded by many residential buildings. The neighborhood has easy access to parks, churches, and shopping malls. Thus, making your trip to this place enjoyable. The place was originally settled by some of early Toronto’s most prominent families. Apart from its rich history, the place has numerous fashion stores, retail shopping and a wider range of cafes and restaurants to make your travel experience here more wonderful. While you are here enjoying your trip to this beautiful place. Keep all your worries for a comfortable stay with us. Our furnished apartments in Church Yonge Corridor come with high-class amenities.

Our Top Furnished Apartments in Church Yonge Corridor:

Our serviced apartments in Church Yonge Corridor offer you a fully equipped kitchen if you are planning to cook on your own. Not only this, these serviced apartments come with flat-screen television along with a DVD player for non-stop entertainment, and complimentary WiFi. With all these facilities we also ensure to provide full safety to our guests. Each of our apartments goes through high standard quality checks. Our serviced apartments in Church Yonge Corridor also have First aid kits, onsite security, automatic fire doors that make your stay worry less.

Where to Stay in Church Yonge Corridor

When you are traveling to this place, you can notice some of the beautiful Victorian houses that were built in the mid 1800’s. Not only these, the neighborhood also contains fashionable townhouses built in the 1970s and 1980s and is at a walking distance from our furnished apartments in Church Yonge Corridor. Don’t miss out on the art deco-designed, walk-up apartments buildings from the 1920s. The place is also famous for its trendy shopping streets and cafes. Wellesley, Gerrard, Sherbourne, and Charles streets are known for their retail shopping. Eaton Centre is Toronto’s largest indoor shopping mall. Yonge- Dundas Square will give you a glimpse of New yorks, Times Square. This place also has the largest public park in the downtown core; Allan Gardens Conservatory has six greenhouses.

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Facts About Church Yonge Corridor

If you are planning your visit to Toronto, then there are some interesting facts about this place that one can know. 

  • Toronto is called "the city of neighborhoods".
  • There are over 140 neighborhoods officially recognized by the city of Toronto.
  • The beautiful gothic-style cathedral “St Michael's Cathedral Basilica” is one of the city’s prominent landmarks.

Weather in Church Yonge Corridor 

In Toronto, the summers are usually comfortable as compared to winters which are freezing and windy. The city is partly cloudy year-round. The warm season lasts from June to September. July is considered to be the hottest month of the year. The coldest month is January; the cold season lasts from December to March. The clearest month of the year in Toronto is August. The studies suggest the best time to travel around the streets of Toronto is from late June to early September. Planning your visits keeping the weather in mind will be very helpful.