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Kensington is a multicultural neighbourhood in the Downtown region of Toronto, Canada. It is an old neighbourhood and is one of the most well-known regions. The outdoor market is the most photographed any other tourist spot in Toronto. The Kensington market is a popular tourist attraction here. It is the center of cultural life in the city. Tourists can avail a variety of furnished apartments in Kensington.

Some of Our Top Furnished Apartments in Kensington are:

Each of the serviced apartments in Kensington comes with the amenities you need. The travellers also get a functional kitchen where cooking is easy and simple. They also offer a free Wi-Fi connection 24*7, a cosy bedroom, and many other features.

Where to Stay in Kensington

Kensington is well-known for its distinctive outdoor market. This attracts many visitors from across the globe. It is a vibrant and fun neighbourhood in Toronto, Canada. People must explore it with their loved ones to have a fantastic vacation. It is a perfect tourist spot for travel lovers and adventurous people. There are a plethora of furnished apartments for rent in Kensington options. You will find them at the best localities.

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More about Kensington, Toronto

Facts About Kensington

 The vibrant neighbourhood is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Toronto. It is a diverse cultural mix that makes the neighbourhood so colourful and attractive. There are several serviced apartments in Kensington. You will find them suitable for both short and long trips.

Let us have a look at some of the interesting facts about the Kensington neighbourhood:

  • Kensington changed from1900 when the Eastern European immigrants started settling here.
  • Since the 1940s the neighbourhood has attracted many immigrants from across the world.
  • The smells and sights of the neighbourhood are enticing. There is an array of restaurants, food stores and curio shops. Other options include pop-up stores and jewellery outlets. You will find vintage apparel here as well.
  • Chinatown is the heart of Toronto that features a variety of vegetable and fruit markets.
  • The area has many row houses that vary in size and feature several decorative accents. These houses came up between 1870 and 1890.
  • Bellevue Square is the meeting place and Local Park for the residents of this region. The park has a wading pool and tot’s playground.
  • There is also a Cecil Community Center located at Spadina. This comes with a huge hall for sports, theater, weddings, games, and parties.
  • They also provide a streetcar service on the street of Bathurst.

Weather in Kensington

The hottest month in Kensington is July. This is when most travellers visit this region with their families and loved ones. January is the coldest month of the year. This is when the temperature goes below -6˚C. People who love the snow like to travel during the winters. But one of the most popular times to visit Kensington is during the spring between April and May or fall. You will find furnished apartments in Kensington without the rush. This is because there are fewer people travelling here in the fall. Spring is an ideal time to go sightseeing and explore the region. There are many parks, pedestrian markets and outdoor activities. These are ideal for families, couples, and singles alike.