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This historic riverside neighbourhood of Washington DC has a vibrant culture filled with natural landmarks. Mostly preferred my family and solo travellers for a weekend getaway. Anacostia is away from the city’s chaos and crowd and offers some of the best offbeat tourist activities. If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing vacation, staying in our furnished apartments in Anacostia will be perfect for you.

Our Top Furnished Apartments in Anacostia:

Our serviced apartments in Anacostia are just what you need for a comfortable and laid-back vacation. A beautifully decorated living space that speaks luxury and elegance, these furnished apartments in Anacostia are loaded with modern amenities and facilities. With a fully equipped kitchen for you to cook your favorite dishes and enjoy with your loved ones, a comfy bedroom and a cosy living space, we have everything you need.

Where to Stay in Anacostia

Anacostia is as vibrant as it can get. While the area is not massive, it has a lot of spots that are ideal for anyone traveling to Washington DC. One of the earliest suburbs of the city, the area has a rich history and with the Anacostia river flowing by, it offers travellers the perfect location for spending a few days. The intersection of Good Hope Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue provides travellers with ample reasons to step out and explore the quaint and trendy cafes and restaurants in the vicinity and also check out the historical landmarks including the famous museums here.

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Facts About Anacostia

There are a few interesting facts about Anacostia that the travelers should know as it will enhance their interest in the neighborhood and will see it from a different lens than most.

Some of the facts about Anacostia are:

  • The neighborhood was earlier known as Uniontown and was one of Washington DC’s earliest suburbs.
  • The area served as home to some famous residents including Frederick Douglass, a prominent activist, author, and orator who fought for ending slavery practices before and at the time of the Civil War.
  • There are two museums here namely the Frederick Douglass House, and the Smithsonian Anacostia Museum.
  • The Big Chair, a famous landmark in Anacostia was not an art installation but actually an advertisement by the Curtis Brothers Furniture Store.
  • The riverbank of the Anacostia River was earlier a marshland and was developed later. The only place that was spared is the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, and a visit to this place would tell you how Washington DC used to look before it became the national capital.
  • One can canoe their way to the neighborhood by crossing the Anacostia River.

Weather in Anacostia

Washington DC has a continental climate where two of the best seasons to visit the place are between March and May when it’s spring-summer time and between September and November when it is autumn. Summers here are hot with average temperatures rising above 32 degrees Celsius and winters are freezing cold with snowstorms.