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Capitol Hill is a term indicating the United States congress while also being one of the biggest and most iconic residential localities in Washington D.C. It covers the entire area along the Capitol while also covering several surrounding avenues. Capitol Hill rises up towards the District of Columbia and goes eastwards. In 1791, Pierre (Peter) Charles L’Enfant, started creating his blueprint for a federal capital city, locating Congress House or today’s Capitol Building, upon the crest of the hill. The site has famously been called a pedestal waiting for a monument.

The building accommodates the Congress while being a workplace for several locals in the area as well. The locality is now a part of the Capitol Hill Historic District which is surrounded by the Southwest/Southeast Freeway, Washington Navy Yard, National Mall, CBD and Anacostia River. The Capitol Hill Historic District has a listing in the National Register of Historic Places too. 

Here are the best furnished apartments in Capitol Hill for your perusal:

Our furnished apartments in Capitol Hill come with all the facilities that you can expect. They include everything from free Wi-Fi and well-equipped kitchens to comfortable bedrooms for superior rest and relaxation. 

Get in touch with the reservations team at TheSqua.re for booking your furnished apartments for rent in Capitol Hill or keep browsing for more accommodation choices here. 

Corporate Accommodation in Capitol Hill 

Serviced apartments in Capitol Hill are the ideal choice for business travellers and corporates landing here for extended stays. High-fliers and the who’s who of the business world also require a comfortable place to relax after hectic meetings and conferences. After a painstaking work day, you will love the space and serenity offered by our apartments, not to mention the complete privacy in store. Enjoy plush furnishings, comfortable beds and all necessary amenities and appliances. Stay connected during your trip while enjoying the best entertainment and recreational facilities as well. Our apartments are also located strategically, i.e. they lie in close proximity to major government and business hubs along with public transit facilities. 

Holiday Accommodation in Capitol Hill 

Our furnished apartments in Capitol Hill will keep your privacy and comfort intact while ensuring ample room for everyone. Families and leisure travellers will love putting up at our apartments for extended durations. We offer all the appliances and facilities that you require on a daily basis. This includes well-equipped kitchens, televisions, free Wi-Fi and a lot more. Stay connected, entertained and relaxed during your time in Capitol Hill. We also offer round-the-clock assistance and support for resolving your queries swiftly. You can also expect great connectivity to major tourist landmarks and places of interest from our apartments. 

Where to Stay in Capitol Hill

Pennsylvania Avenue is a great place to stay in Capitol Hill due to its vibrant and colourful commercial streets, restaurants, bars and stores. Eastern Market is the famous public market here while outdoor farmer stands and markets are also visible throughout the neighbourhood. Staying near Barracks Row is also a good idea since it is well linked to the U.S. Marine Barracks, one of the oldest commercial corridors in the city. 

First-timers should probably consider Foggy Bottom while budget travellers may look at options like Logan Circle. Dupont Circle is a good place to stay if you love pulsating nightlife and entertainment options while H Street Corridor is a hip and cool residential zone.

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More about Capitol-hill, Washington dc

Facts about Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill has a rich history and legacy of its own. Here are some interesting facts that you should know more about: 

  • The National Statuary Hall Collection contains a total of 100 statues. Every State has contributed two statues each. 
  • The U.S. Capitol has been historically built for a cost of $133 million as of the year 2003. 
  • The Capitol Building itself is 751 feet 4 inches with the highest width being 350 feet. The height till the Statue of Freedom stands at 288 feet. 
  • The half-dome structure of the National Statuary Hall churns out a special acoustic or sound effect. This has made it popular as the Whispering Gallery. 
  • The Capitol Building has meeting chambers for the House of Representatives and Senate. 
  • The area was known as Jenkins Hill earlier when it was discovered in the 1790s by Pierre Charles L’Enfant. Construction over the hill started in 1793. 
  • The Capitol comes with its own subway since the year 1909. Senators and politicians make their way from the office buildings to the Capitol through the subway. 
  • There were initial plans of the first U.S. President being eventually buried beneath the Capitol Building in a zone known as the Crypt. However, the plan did not come through eventually. This Crypt now has a gift store and accommodates a part of the National Statuary Hall Collection too. 
  • Christ Church is the oldest such Episcopal church in the entire city. The first serviced took place here in the year 1807. The church opened for the general public only in 1912 however. 

Cost of Living in Capitol Hill 

Housing prices tend to hover around $506,100 on average in Capitol Hill. The average apartment rental here is $1,362 every month. Electricity costs and other utilities work out to roughly $215 every month while phone costs may range around $182. Transportation costs are moderate including the prices of gasoline. 

Tips for Visiting Capitol Hill 

Here are some tips that will help you navigate Capitol Hill in a better way: 

  • Always plan ahead since the Capitol Visitor Center stays crowded even on weekdays after 9 AM. 
  • Book Capitol tours in advance if you can. 
  • Avoid looking for an elusive parking spot in Capitol Hill. Embrace public transportation including the metro rail and bus networks. 
  • Exploring the Capitol Hill area with its famous landmarks is a time-consuming affair. Keep ample time in hand. 
  • Do not forget the Visitor Center’s Emancipation Hall if you are visiting with children. 
  • Explore the fountains, statuary, grounds and lovely trees along with the West Front and take photographs of the Mall and Reflecting Pool till the Lincoln Memorial. 

Things to Do in Capitol Hill 

Capitol Hall has an abundance of wonderful things to do and other activities. Here’s taking a look at some of them.

1. What are some popular things to do in Capitol Hill? 

Some of the popular things to do in Capitol Hill include visiting Stanton Park for its tranquility and also checking out the Garfield Park which is another popular spot for tourists and locals alike. You can also check out The Fridge which is a delightful performance space along with the ancient Christ Church in Capitol Hill. The U.S. Capitol Grounds are also worth exploring in this regard.

2. What are some free things to do near Capitol Hill? 

Some of the best free activities including visiting the White House which is certainly a lifetime experience, along with exploring the Smithsonian museums. You can tour the cultural arts center or take a walking tour on foot. Check out the U.S. Capitol Building as well.

3. What are the most family-friendly things to do near Capitol Hill? 

Family-friendly attractions and activities in Capitol Hill include the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute along with the Georgetown Waterfront Park that kids will absolutely love. The Mount Vernon trail is another great place to visit along with the Rock Creek Park. The Renwick Gallery and Naval Observatory Tour are other great ideas for families. 

Places to Visit in Capitol Hill 

Here’s taking a look at some of the most fascinating places to visit in Capitol Hill. 

  • U.S. Capitol – Going to Capitol Hill is incomplete if you do not explore the iconic Capitol Building. This accommodates the House of Representatives and US Congress and they have met here for two centuries and counting! The building construction commenced in 1793 and it has been rebuilt, destroyed and restored over the decades. The façade is known for its imposing neoclassical architecture and the huge dome with the bronze Statue of Freedom which has been here since the year 1863. You can also check out the fascinating artwork collection and frescoes on the first floor. 
  • Congressional Cemetery – The Congressional Cemetery spans 35 acres and several luminaries lie buried here. The cemetery is originally known as the Washington Parish Burial Ground. It is attached to the U.S. Congress from the 1800s. Congressman Senator from Connecticut, Uriah Tracy, became the first luminary to be buried in 1807. Till the 1830s, all Congressmen dying in DC were buried in the cemetery. It was eventually restored in the 20th century. The lovely brick pathways and soothing gardens conceal the history around every corner. There are several events and educational tours offered at the cemetery along with U.S. Marine Band concerts. The grave of the iconic composer, John Philip Sousa is a major attraction along with the one of the FBI’s first Director, J. Edgar Hoover. 
  • Congress Library – The Thomas Jefferson Building in the Library of Congress is one of the best attractions for tourists. Get a tour of the iconic landmark and learn more about the art and architecture behind the institution itself. The Great Hall is simply awe-inspiring with its decorative touches courtesy of nearly 50 sculptors and painters. The Roman Goddess of Wisdom and Learning, Minerva, is wonderfully showcased in a mosaic here. Busts of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, paintings showcasing the seasons and Italian marble flooring are other key highlights. 
  • Eastern Market – The Eastern Market is a great place to visit for picking up the best fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and several goodies including pastries, pasta and a lot more. It is also a spot for weekend markets, complete with live music, food, antiques, jewelry stores and arts and crafts. 
  • Folger Shakespeare Library – A treat for Shakespeare fans, the Folger Shakespeare Library is a must-visit. Nestled in the Capitol Building, it has the biggest collection of Shakespeare related material globally. It also houses several rare Renaissance manuscripts and books. The Elizabethan theater is also popular with visitors. 
  • Go Postal – The National Postal Museum opened for the public in the year 1993. The building has been restored and there are numerous exhibits for visitors. They showcase postal histories going back till colonial eras. The huge atrium has several vintage airmail aircraft along with a rebuilt railway mail car alongside. 

Places to Eat in Capitol Hill 

Capitol Hill is packed with delightful restaurants. Some of them include the following: 

  • Big Bear Cafe
  • Ambar Capitol Hill
  • The Duck and the Peach
  • Lavagna
  • Ted's Bulletin
  • Barrel
  • Mekki DC
  • Belga Café

Street Food in Capitol Hill 

Capitol Hill has a thriving street food circuit. Some of the top names include: 

  • Rewind
  • Immigrant Food
  • Bombay Street Food
  • Thai Chef Street Food
  • G Street Food
  • Maizal Latin American Street Food
  • Cane
  • Bindaas Cleveland Park
  • Egyptian Street Food by Fava Pot at Union Market
  • Ghostburger

Shopping in Capitol Hill 

Top shopping options in Capitol Hill cover everything from local stores to the best American brands. Some of them include: 

  • Boutique On The Hill
  • Clothes Encounters DC
  • Capitol Place II
  • Summit To Soul
  • CityCenterDC
  • Congress Market
  • Woven History & Silk Road
  • Gallery Place
  • Capitol Hill Supermarket

Transportation in Capitol Hill 

Transportation in Capitol Hill is possible through the Capitol South, Union Station and Federal Center metro railway stops. The Metrobus system has several routes passing through the neighborhood along with DC Circulator routes as well. 

Weather in Capitol Hill 

The best time to visit Capitol Hill is between mid-April and mid-June. Winters are cold while summers are popular with tourists. June, July and August are the hottest months here.