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Furnished Apartments for Rent in Capitol Riverfront

An upbeat vibrant area that is a great hang-out spot for the locals, tourists, and business people. Capitol Riverfront has about 71 restaurants and 49 shops and services to choose from. With all that local excitement, one needs a place that feels like home here. To fox that last piece in your travel puzzle, we have our furnished apartments in Capitol Riverfront to offer. The area is located South of the United States between the Capitol Hills and the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C. The combo of its fun vibe and the comforting soothing apartments will be a win-win situation for every traveler. 

Top Furnished Apartments in Capitol Riverfront:

The serviced apartments in Capitol Riverfront from us bring all the facilities that every travel not only requires but truly deserves. Get a fully furnished and loaded kitchen with every apartment listing. We want to make sure that none of your time gest wasted on shopping for ingredients or kitchen equipment and should instead be used only for cooking healthy. For entertainment, you will get free Wi-Fi access along with flat-screen TV and multiple channels and subscriptions. Enjoy your Netflix films in your cozy bedroom under a furry quilt. 

Where to Stay in Capitol Riverfront

This is the fastest-growing neighborhood in the Washington, DC area. You will find 10 acres of lush parks near our furnished apartments for rent in Capitol Riverfront area. Out of all the locations, areas brushing Capitol Hill and Downtown are preferred the most. The neighborhood isn’t very vast but it surely brims to the top with adventure, food, and shopping that one simply cannot ignore. Near our serviced abodes one can easily find thrilling exhibits and stadiums with attractions like National Park and Audi Field.


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Facts About Capitol Riverfront

No wonder it is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods here as it is very close to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center which happens to be DC’s Central Business District, National Harbor, and even US Capitol.

Some more notable facts to know about Capitol Riverfront include:

  • The place was formed by the District of Columbia City Council and was approved by Mayor Fenty in August 2007. 
  • Before being the neighborhood, the Capitol Riverfront area was an industrial area. It got transformed into business centers, entertainment districts, and waterfront destinations. 
  • During the process of making the neighborhood, they took the project of 9000 new apartments, condominiums, modern office towers, and lofts. The project also involved making 1200 hotel rooms, one million square retail amenities, shops, and cafes. 
  • Adjacent to Capitol Riverfront abodes, the place has a new 5-acre riverfront Yards Park. 

Weather in Capitol Riverfront

Capitol weather prominently includes both winter and snowfall. The season varies and is mild as compared to other parts of the United States. As DC is located in the center of the Mid-Atlantic region, it has a humid subtropical climate zone. Winter experiences occasional snowstorms too. During colder months, the place experiences lots of rain too. Having a cozy, warm, and fully equipped furnished apartment for rent in Capitol Riverfront will make sure the trip ends on a  very happy note.