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Facts About Columbia Heights

A culturally diverse suburb close to Downtown, Columbia Heights is one of the most favored neighborhoods of Washington DC. This place has a rich history and culture, as the residents of this neighborhood belong to different cultures, religions, and colors.

Here are some interesting facts about Columbia Heights:

  • Columbia Heights was known as "the county" until 1871.
  • Around the late 1800s, Columbia Heights was named after nearby Columbian College, which later became George Washington University.
  • Despite its location in a densely populated area, Columbia Heights provides easy access to abundant green space. 
  • The history of Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park is as diverse as its statues. It also features the longest cascading fountain in North America.
  • Columbia Heights and neighboring Mount Pleasant have historically been the heart of the District’s Latino community.

Weather in Columbia Heights

Summer is the perfect season to visit Columbia heights, Washington DC as you can enjoy free tourist attractions and outdoor activities. Summer is also the busiest time of year as the weather is pleasant, warm, and inviting. You can avoid Winter as the weather is too cold and harsh and snowfall is quite regular. You may also go in the spring and autumn as the weather is mild. If you want to experience Washington's famous Cherry Blossom Festival, you should visit between late March and early April.