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More about Georgetown, Washington dc

Facts About Georgetown

This historic neighbourhood of Washington DC has a long interesting history. The oldest part of the city, Georgetown was a separate city till 1751. 19th-century brick houses, cobblestone streets, and the waterfront which served as a major port and commercial center, Georgetown is filled with historical significance and culture.

Here are some of the facts about Georgetown:

  • The Old Stone House is the oldest house in Washington D.C built in 1766.
  • The neighbourhood has approximately 58 houses that are listed as individual Georgetown landmarks cause of their Federal City/Pre-Civil War importance.
  • The Washington and Georgetown Railroad ran a cable-car network through Georgetown during 1890-1899.
  • Located on the western edge of the neighbourhood, the main campus of Georgetown University was founded in 1789, though its roots go back to 1634. 
  • Georgetown Historic District is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places since 1967.

Weather in Georgetown

The best time to visit Georgetown is during Spring and Autumn as the temperature is moderate then. The National Cherry Blossom Festival which happens at the end of March or early April is one of the best times to explore the city. Summer is the peak tourist season and hotel prices are inflated during that time. Temperature goes below freezing points in Winter and this is not quite a popular time for tourists.