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Facts About H Street NE

The street has a long history related to renovation and changes.

H Street NE has fascinating and quirky facts to read, some of which include:

  • Neighborhood Swampoodle was the first neighborhood where H Street NE was the center of a small settlement. 
  • H Street NE was the busiest and earliest commercial district. It was the first Sears Roebuck store in Washington. 
  • The business of H Street faced a supreme decline in the 1968 riots. 
  • A community-based planning effort to improve and revitalize H Street NE was initiated in 2002 by the District of Columbia Office. 

Weather in H Street NE

Weather at H Street NE Washington varies from season to season and moves from bright sky to snowstorm. The summer season brings in high temperatures with some off-season rain and rainbows. To witness the beauty of the weather at its local best, we highly recommend you book furnished apartments for rent in H Street Ne. With an open balcony for mornings and air-conditioned rooms for afternoons, you don’t have to escape the weather anymore. Not only the summer brings in alluring beauty but also the winters. Warm, cozy, and snuggly abodes are what await you near this pleasant Washington street.