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Neighborhood situated in the northwest corner of the city of Washington D.C., Park View is very charming, mostly quiet, and friendly for visitors. One can find our furnished apartments in Park View extending from Rock Creek Church Road to Gresham street, and from Georgia Avenue to Soldier's home ground.

If you are traveling to Park View or planning to stay for a week, you will find a range of economical and high-end travel accommodation options. The fully furnished apartments in Park View are a good choice if you are traveling solo or in a group. There are cozy abodes for traveling couples as well. These accommodations are equipped with a varied set of facilties ranging from modern furnishings, complimentary broadband, maid services, free parking, pool access, lift availability, and more.

Some of Our top furnished apartments in Park View:

All the listed apartments on our website are spacious, comfortable, and loaded with key facilities for providing a perfect experience that any traveler would crave. All the guests receive a full range of shared services like 24-hour lift access, parking space, hotel-style reception, central heating, etc. Expect additional private facilities like business-grade Wi-Fi connectivity, personal kitchen with working appliances such as toasters, hot water kettles, Nespresso machines, swimming pool access, local business coupons, concierge desk for families with kids, locker facilities for solo travelers, work desk, and chair with plug-and-play setup among several others.

Where to Stay in Park View

Park View is a mixture of culture with modern lifestyle and is flourishing with local restaurants alongside quick-serve cafes. It is populated with row houses paired with ample amounts of sidewalks and parkways. You will be well connected with the nearby places, as well as a handful of spots for shopping for your daily needs. Few more spots near the Park View Football Stadium and Park View Road are good for a stay in the heart of the city. Each of TheSqua.re furnished apartments in Park View is deliberately curated at locations within a walking distance to the subway, post office, and many grocery stores.

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Facts About Park View

Here are some interesting facts about the neighborhood which will excite you about adding this to your list.

  • Park View is the home of Conference National South Semi-professional Football Club Welling United and was previously the home ground of Bexley United.
  • Football has been played at the Park View Ground from time immemorial, but a stadium grandstand was built for the viewers in the late 1930s.
  • The current main stand of the Park View Stadium was built later in 1950, as a bigger crowd started to gather at the stadium to watch games.

Weather in Park View

Park View enjoys pleasant weather across all seasons because of which our serviced apartments in Park View are so popular here. Summers are sunny in Park View and winters are extremely chilled, snowy, and wet. Mostly the weather of Washington D.C. and Park View remains the same. Over a year, the temperature of Park View ranges between 29 degrees to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. In rare cases, the temperature rises above 95 degrees or falls below 16 degrees.