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Facts About Southwest Waterfront

Southwest Waterfront is a nice and quiet neighborhood offering everything a tourist could want.

Have a look at a few facts about Southwest Waterfront here:

  • The opening of the Wharf has called for rapid growth in this urban neighborhood, quietly lying in the vicinity of Washington DC with plenty of activities and things to do.
  • The ample greenery, the baseball, and soccer stadiums, and the waterside styles are enough to make you fall in love with Southwest Waterfront.
  • During the mid 19th century, Southwest Waterfront was a major cultural and economical hub. After the civil war, immigration happened from across various nations and the city has grown up to represent a diverse ethnicity.
  • The Maine Avenue Fish Market is the oldest open-air fish market in the nation that is still operating.

Weather in Southwest Waterfront

Like the rest of Washington DC, Southwest Waterfront experiences hot and humid summers, while the winters are extremely cold. During the other time of the year, the weather remains partly cloudy. The temperature normally ranges from 29°F to 88°F throughout the year, with temperatures rarely falling below 17°F or rising over 96°F.

The greatest times of the year to visit Southwest Waterfront for warm-weather activities are from mid-August to early October. June is also a favorable time to visit the city with our exclusive furnished apartments in Southwest Waterfront waiting to welcome you with all its extensive features, facilities, and warm ambience in the heart of Washington DC.