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Facts About Virginia, Washington DC

Virginia has a long dark history of colonialism and battleground tragedies of the past decades. It has impacted the rest of the United States culturally, politically, and historically. Today, Virginia stands as one of the fastest-growing urban states in the nation.

Let us discover a few amazing facts about Virginia, Washington DC:

  • Virginia has produced 8 Presidents of the United States of America so far. It is the birthplace of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, William H. Harrison, James Monroe, Zachary Taylor, John Tyler, and Woodrow Wilson. Hence, it is called the Mother of Presidents.
  • Virginia got its name from Queen Elizabeth I, who is also popularly called the Virgin Queen. The state is also known by the name – the Old Dominion State.
  • Centuries ago, the first-ever official thanksgiving was celebrated in this state.
  • Virginia also houses the world’s largest naval base, Naval Station Norfolk. It has over 78 ships from the Atlantic fleet using this station as a seaport.

Weather in Virginia, Washington DC

Virginia experiences a humid climate all around the year. The summers are hot and cloudy with the average high temperature ranging between 85°F and 95°F. The winters are typically frosty and snowy, with the average temperature dropping to 26°F in January. Visit Virginia from mid-April till October, as these are the best months to visit this place while our furnished apartments for rent in Virginia await to welcome you.