10 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in New York

best Neighbourhoods in new york

New York is hands-down one of the most glamorous cities on Earth. A dream destination for many travel enthusiasts from all around the globe. And why not? Be it the chic Manhattan skyline or the historic allure of Brooklyn, it is a place that never fails to amaze us. Now guess what the cherry on top is? Well, the best neighbourhoods in New York are a desirable blend of a fun lifestyle and peace. Something that truly enriches your time here. So whether you plan to spend the days partying all night or want a restful trip with your family, you can have it all. 

The high quality of furnished apartments in New York is another major highlight of the city. They make you feel at home and are ideal for both long and short stays. So, here is a list of the best neighbourhoods in New York that also house top-rated NYC furnished rentals.


New York is made up of five boroughs but none of the four is as iconic as Manhattan. Fondly called as the centre of culture and business of the world. This is where you can find the One World Trade Centre, and Empire State Building or just relax and spend a day at Central Park. This is also one of the most popular holiday destinations with Times Square countdown during New Year’s Eve or Christmas when the whole neighbourhood lights up.

When they say New York is the city that never sleeps they are referring to Manhattan. With an average of 66 million visitors annually, you have to plan your visit much ahead if you plan to stay in this neighbourhood. 


While other boroughs of New York are popular with tourists, with Brooklyn you get to experience what it’s like to be a resident New Yorker. This borough comprises many small neighbourhoods each having their own unique culture and community. The Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Washington Street and more such attractions give this borough its personality. There are various events one can catch celebrating the diversity and cultures of the city. This borough has also been featured in many popular movies and TV shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

One of the more ideal times to visit Brooklyn is in the summer season to catch all the events that take place.

Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is a posh locale, great for families. It is well-maintained and offers a safe environment for easy living. And given that it is a museum hub, you can take your child on an educational ride whenever you want. The most popular ones among them are the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of the City of New York. 

Lenox Hill is a happening part of this neighbourhood. It is not only close to the one and only Central Park but also has an artistic flair with bustling urban lanes. You will also find some of the most secure furnished apartments in New York here. Along with top institutions like Rockefeller University. Transportation is equally strong, with Lexington Av/63 St. underground only 980.0 m away.


Based on the west side of Manhattan, Chelsea is one of the best neighbourhoods in New York overall. Primarily a residential area, the place has undergone quite a makeover in the last 20 years. Today, Chelsea is an amazing fusion of innovative art, culture, and fresh urban vibes. You can spend long hours taking in the Chelsea Market, High Line, Little Island, and antique shops. Not to forget, the neighbourhood is also very welcoming, with a large LGBTQ population. As a result, there are many gay bars where you can grab a drink and enjoy the nightlife. 

Decked with well-kept tree-lined paths, Chelsea is also perfect for quick neighbourhood strolls. There are good universities nearby too. Parsons School of Design and New York University, for instance.


For those looking to stay in Brooklyn, Williamsburg is an excellent choice. More so if you are young and are a free spirit looking to have a gala time while in New York. That's because Williamsburg is a hip district. It is filled with trendy boutiques, eateries, and cafes to fulfil your modern wishes. Also, the locality gives you easy access to all the glamour of Manhattan at much cheaper rates. 

Do visit the Domino Park in the area. It is an underrated gem, offering you spectacular sunrise and sunset scenes by the water. Bar Blondeau is another unmissable spot in Williamsburg. Not only does this French-styled cocktail venue provide a mouthwatering seafood-focused menu. But it also gives you sweeping views of Manhattan.

Financial District

The Financial District may not be as lively as some of its counterparts. But the business hub is one of the best neighbourhoods in New York, for many practical boons. The most obvious reason is that you get to stay near major office complexes. This makes your daily commute very hassle-free. People who love historic ambience will also thoroughly enjoy this place. Thanks to the age-old churches, taverns, and other establishments that have graced the area since the 1700s. Then there is the famed Statue of Liberty. Along with other popular spots like The Battery, Wall Street, and the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. Moreover, the locality, with plenty of amusement, has also become a lot more exciting than it was in the past.

Upper West Side

The wealthy neighbourhood of the Upper West Side is another great option for family folks. It is home to many stunning NYC furnished rentals. They are not only packed with modern amenities. But are also environmentally friendly and safe. To add to that, the entire locality is very classy and serene. There are beautiful bakeries, parks, children's play areas, and cafes. Coupled with leafy brownstone lanes for evening and morning walks. The place is also not very touristy. So, you get to avoid the regular chaos, which is quite a rare case in a busy city like New York. Then, of course, many popular universities are situated within a few km. They include The Juilliard School, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and New Jersey City University. 

East Village

Boasting an electric air, the East Village is a personal favourite of many. After all, it represents the heart of counterculture in New York. You will find a mixture of varied elements. From old-school bars and laid-back boutiques to classy cocktail lounges and hip eateries. There are even antique stalls full of rare wonders and tattoo parlours in the area. Not to forget, East Village is also the place that saw the birth of many artistic movements. Punk rock and the Nuyorican literary movement included. 

Residents can also enjoy good transport with Astor Pl underground in a few meters. Also, there are great educational opportunities. Parsons School of Design, New York University, and many more. 


Are you a shopaholic who loves to own a precious collection of belongings? Also, do you want your stay in NYC to have a taste of grandeur and luxury? Well then, the South of Houston Street, popularly known as Soho can be your go-to neighborhood. It is a fashion and dining hub, which makes it touristy and glamorous. 

The area is home to many expensive boutiques, clothing shops, and high-end restaurants. You will also find several international luxury brand stores here. Among them are Louis Vuitton, Prada, Levi’s, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, and loads more. The furnished apartments in New York situated here also live up to the lavishness of the locale. They come with top-tier facilities and are very spacious for comfortable living.

West Village

The West Village is one of the best neighbourhoods in New York with an intimate charm. Despite being a posh, celebrity-heavy place. It resembles a European small town with beautiful cobblestone streets and hearty shops. Covering the western part of the bigger Greenwich Village, the area has many star traits. The serene Washington Square Park, an epicentre for a wide variety of cultural and community scenes, is a notable one among them. Staring an arch in honour of George Washington, it also has a scenic fountain and play areas for dogs and kids. 

West Village is also a foodie’s delight, with many beloved shops. Jack’s Wife Freda, and Joseph Leonard, for example, are ideal for savouring a delectable brunch. 


What is the nicest neighbourhood in NYC?

Ans - One of the nicest neighbourhoods in NYC is the East Village. This neighbourhood has been the starting point of famous musicians such as Madonna and Pink Floyd. People often visit the cocktail bars, and vintage shops situated in the neighbourhood.

What is the most luxurious neighbourhood in NYC?

Ans- One of the most luxurious neighbourhoods in NYC is the Midtown Manhattan neighbourhood. With many iconic structures such as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Grand Central Terminal and many more. This is also home to some of the world’s biggest brands making it a shoppers' paradise.

What NYC neighbourhood has the most celebrities?

Ans- if you are planning to catch a glimpse of your favourite celebrity in New York, then you can visit Broadway. With many celebrities and a-list actors appearing or attending the Broadway shows.
Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of the best neighbourhoods in New York for both locals and tourists. They are served to the general public on a varied platter, with each displaying a unique charm. This provides you the liberty to make your picks as per your liking and preferences. And with top short term rental nyc, the choice of accommodation is also easy. Thesqua.re itself has more than 133 of them in all popular locations. Visit our website to book your favourite abode and make your New York trip even more memorable. 

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