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Top 18 Beijing Tourist Attractions And Sightseeing in 2021 (Updated)

With a rich history, endless shades, and so many world-renowned UNESCO heritage sites, Beijing was always on top of my bucket list. With the largest palace in the world, oldest imperial garden in the country, marvelous sculptures made in white jade and granite, Asia’s finest Opera House, gorgeous ancient temples, and so much more, my expectations were sky-high.

Beijing turned out to be all of that and so much more with its fine mix of 3,000-year-old history, art, and culture. With so much to absorb and explore, I couldn’t be happier with the city. 

I can’t wait to share with you my top recommendations from the city. But before I do, you need to get your Beijing accommodation sorted. Before you start the search for rent apartments in Beijing, you need to think of which landmarks and sights you want to be near. There are many to choose from after all. So take a plunge into our property portfolio and book your stay in the Chinese capital.

Ultimate List of Top 18 Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing in Beijing, China

1. The Summer Palace

How about a man-made lake that dates back to 700 years? This is one of the Royal Palaces in Beijing that will take you by surprise. Traveling for 30 minutes from the center to reach this gorgeous 12th-century regal home is one of a kind.

The Summer Palace
The Summer Palace

I grabbed some wonderful little trinkets from the Suzhou Market Street that you must also checkout. Above all, if you are an admirer of theater, its Great Theater with traditional Chinese plays is an absolute delight to experience and remember Beijing by.

Address: 19 Xinjiangongmen Rd, Haidian District, China, 100091

2. The Palace Museum

This is one of those Beijing tourist attractions that will blow your mind just by its sheer unbelievable dimensions. Dating back to the 13th-century, this globally celebrated Palace is spread over a whopping 720,000 sq meters.

The Imperial Palace
The Imperial Palace

The Palace of Heavenly Purity, white marble bridges, and a lot of history make it one of the must visit attractions in Beijing.

Address: 4 Jingshan Front St, Dongcheng, Beijing, China, 100009

3. Tiananmen Square

This 15-century marvel happens to be the largest square inside a city. Made with a surprising 17000 pieces of granite make Monument to the People’s Heroes here an tourist attraction worth marveling at.

Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square

The Museum of the Chinese Revolution and Mausoleum of Mao Zedong gives a lot of notable historic features and stories away. Overall, it was one of the most stunning tourist highlights in Beijing .

Address: Dongcheng, China

4. Beihai Park

Beihai Park is one of the best tourist attractions in Beijing highly recommended for many reasons. What fascinated me the most is the skilfully made gorgeous white Buddha structure carved from a single block of jade.

Beihai Park
Beihai Park

With the magnificent 10th-century Buddha, the park is renowned to be one of the oldest imperial gardens across Beijing. Don’t forget to get a picture taken before the green backdrop with the sparkling Beihai Lake.

Address: 1 Wenjin St, Xicheng District, China, 100034

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5. The Great Wall of China

Even though it is located an hour away from the city, this is one of the
main tourist attractions in Beijing you need to make time for. The wall gates however are accessible from Beijing. I am still in awe of the 6th-century Mutianyu Great Wall and the view from up there.

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

Don’t miss the cable car ride that takes you up on the wall. The gigantic size of the wall is what makes it all the more mesmerizing.

Address: Huairou District, China

6. Beijing National Stadium

Whether you are a sports fan or just an admirer of architectural brilliance, this stadium will be an absolute delight. Lovingly famous as ‘The Bird’s Nest’, it is recognized across the world for the unbeatable role in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Beijing National Stadium
Beijing National Stadium

The only thing that I missed because of my summer visit, and surely want you to try, is to experience how it converts into a man-made ski slope. It boasts of being the largest indoor ski slope which makes it all the more exciting!

Address: 1 National Stadium S Rd, Chaoyang, China

7. Beijing Zoo

The largest zoo in the country and one of the oldest, this fantastic zoo is full of friendly animal species (over 1,000). This is a fantastic pick for families visiting Beijing. Pandas, Snow Leopards, and South China Tigers are some of the species that make the zoo even more special.

Beijing Zoo
Beijing Zoo

With over 15,000 animals lovingly inhabiting the zoo, the wonderful aquarium and Chinese gardens are a few most attractive features.

Address: 137 Xizhimen Outer St, Dong Wu Yuan, Xicheng District, Beijing, China

8. Beijing World Park

Simply put, this iconic Beijing tourist attraction replicates the layout of some of the most renowned cities and landmarks of the world. Miniatures of over 100 monuments and attractions from across the seas can be seen installed in all glory here. Boarding monorails or miniature speed boats are quite fun.

Address: Fengtai District, China

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9. National Museum of China

What if I tell you that this is the 2nd must visited museum in Beijing across the globe? Yes, you read that right. Royally occupying a part of Tiananmen Square, the huge museum is home to over 48 exhibit halls.

National Museum of China
National Museum of China

The museum single-handedly highly contributes to the preservation and recognition of Chinese culture and history. You will be thoroughly impressed by the rare gold collections, installations like the heaviest bronzeware from ancient China, and over a million artifacts.

Address: 16 E Chang’an Ave, Dongcheng, China

10. Beijing Capital Museum & National Center for the Performing Arts

Popularly known as the ‘Giant Egg’, this Arts Center is one such attraction without which the entire experience of Beijing would be incomplete. If you have enough time, book yourself a ticket to an opera performance in one of Asia’s finest opera houses.

Beijing National Center for the Performing Arts
Beijing National Center for the Performing Arts

As far as the museum is concerned, with over 200,000 artifacts to allow you a peek of the ancient Chinese culture and history, it is an absolute gem to spend a day in and get visually closer to China and its artistic legacy.

Address: 2 W Chang’an Ave, Xicheng District, China, 100031

11. Beijing Ancient Observatory

If history and periodic transitions excite you, this museum in Beijing takes you way back in time. The most fascinating part is to see how thorough was the knowledge of planets and stars back then and how far has the country and its traditional measures come.

Beijing Ancient Observatory
Beijing Ancient Observatory

The observatory was built in 1442 which is a big deal in itself. While the museum is way ahead of its time, the ancient instruments that were used before telescopes are quite a hit!

Address: 2 Dongbiaobei Hutong, Jian Wai Da Jie, Dongcheng, China

12. The Temple of Heaven

If you are a traveler who prefers to always be on the lookout for religious sites, this is most sacred attraction in Beijing to visit. While it dates back to the early 15th century, its outlook still looks so fresh, colorful, yet regal.

Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven

The 50,000 blue glazed tiles making up the elaborate roof particularly stand out. I was highly impressed by the dragon and phoenix pattern adorning the floor and the unique Echo Wall within.

Address: 1 Tiantan E Rd, Dongcheng, China, 100061

13. The Lama Temple

A similar religious experience is offered at this well-preserved 18th-century Chinese temple which is physically one of the most attractive and historically significant. The 18-meter high Wangfu Ge statue made in sandalwood is a prime sightseeing in Beijing.

The Lama Temple
The Lama Temple

While it is a great site to be in Beijing, it is highly recommended to read about the role that the temple played in getting Lamaism its present recognition.

Address: 12 Yonghegong St, Dongcheng, China, 100007

14. The Fayuan Temple

My personal favorite when it comes to temples in Beijing. Also known as the ‘Source of the Law’, this temple has the most impressive timeline to blow you away. It dates back to AD 645 and engravings and stone inscriptions can still be found there.

The Fayuan Temple
The Fayuan Temple

Its significance as a part of Chinese history revolves around how Emperor Huizong was imprisoned here in the 12th-century. As of the present, it boasts of being home to the celebrated educational establishment of the country, the Buddhist Academy.

Address: 7 Fayuansi Front St, Xicheng District, Beijing, China

15. 798 Art Zone

If you are an art lover, being in Beijing and not visiting this artistic neighborhood would be wrong on so many levels. Come and get a taste of the endless studios and exhibitions conducted here amidst the old warehouses and factories.

798 Art Zone
798 Art Zone

The book stores, graffiti, cafe’s, and lots of shopping spots make it one of the ideal tourist attractions in Beijing

Address: 2 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing, China

16. The Watermelon Museum

Head to the Daxing District’s Panggezhuang Town, the world’s largest watermelon producing region. From the whole process of the plantation to the various types of watermelon, expect to watch, note, and get excited at the little expert details that the guides offer here. This cult experience is one of its kind and has been getting hit among tourists since 2004.

Address: Jingkai Side Rd, Daxing District, Beijing, China

17. Dixia Cheng : Beijing Underground City

Did you know that Beijing made an entire underground city because of the lurking risk of a nuclear attack in the 1970s? From skating rink to restaurants and even classrooms, this 33 sq. miles of hiding space can be found a few blocks from Tiananmen Square.

ADDRESS:Chongwen District, Beijing Qianmen West Polishing Factory No. 62

18. Bai Gong Fang

Ever heard of a Center that becomes a preserver of over 100 local handicrafts? This art center comprises 30 studios that together host workshops in multiple Chinese local crafts conducted by skilled local craftsmen. With so much to observe, learn, and buy, this will be your ultimate brush with Chinese art.

Address: 2 Zuo’anmen Inner St, Dongcheng, Beijing, China

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