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The Best Things to Do in Abu Dhabi at Night

abu dhabi at night


Abu Dhabi is something else at night, even if it's very remarkable during the day. The capital seems to have a different appearance, attitude, and atmosphere after nightfall. Are you looking for something to do at night in Abu Dhabi? Abu Dhabi offers an event to suit your needs, whether you're trying to get the best prices, fly alone, gather the troops, or just feel like you need some amazing, inventive content for your social media accounts. 

Abu Dhabi at night will live up to expectations. Now that summer has arrived, you don't have to stay inside. The greatest things to do at night in the capital are outlined below, including stargazing in the desert, drinking specials, kayaking excursions, and dinners in the evening.

  • Burgers and arcade games at Central

Did you know that Yas Bay Waterfront has a licenced bowling alley with food trucks and arcade games? These are a handful of our most cherished things. Come for late-night cravings because Central Yas Bay's menu features many American favourites. After eating, remain for a game of bowling or a trip through the arcade. This is one of the most well-liked nighttime activities in Yas Bay, Abu Dhabi.

  • Late night stroll at Mamsha and dinner

Even though everyone in Abu Dhabi is heading to Mamsha to enjoy the warmth of the sun at Soul Beach, you don't have to depart after the sun sets. Another great area to go out at night in Abu Dhabi is Mamsha. Take a stroll and go for a late-night coffee, or head to one of the many stunning restaurants at Mamsha for supper.

  • Savour a supper cruise on a dhow

Imagine this. As the sun sets and a soft wind tousles your hair, you and your significant other (or companions) are indulging in a fine-dining international meal while sailing down the Corniche aboard a classic wooden dhow. One of the most glamorous things to do at night in Abu Dhabi is this. After receiving Arabic coffee and dates at the red carpet greeting, embark on a two-hour cruise. There aren't many more enjoyable ways to spend a cool, memorable night in the capital.

  • Grape and cheese night

We're not sure why, but there's simply something quite sophisticated about a night of cheese and grapes. It sounds wonderful to nibble on a variety of dairy products, drink grape juice, and chat with friends about the day's happenings. La Cava offers a fantastic grape and cheese night that starts at DHS209 and includes limitless access to grape and cheese for two hours. This is something incredible and unique to do at night!

  • Stargazing at night

Why travel to Abu Dhabi if you can't spend an evening staring up at the night sky in the desert? Abu Dhabi at night can be stunning. Stargazers may have a classic experience at Arabian Nights Village while sipping coffee around the fire pit and taking in the twinkling objects far overhead. If that's not enough, there are tons of other interesting things to see and do, including visiting an Emirati camel farm and getting a henna tattoo.

  • Through the mangroves in a kayak

Is paddling a kayak through the stunning mangroves on a leisurely evening your thing? Thanks to Noukhada, visitors to Abu Dhabi can get out of the city and enjoy a night-time paddle around the Jubail mangrove. To view all that the night-time (and breathtaking sky) has to offer, your head will be turning as much as your boating oar. 

  • Yas Marina Cycling

Is there anything more exciting to do in Abu Dhabi than taking a ride on an F1 track? Cyclists may don their helmets and Lycra at Yas Marina and take a ride around the renowned race course. All you have to do to participate in one of the best nighttime sports activities in Abu Dhabi is register online. 

yas marina cycling

  • Relax beneath the Louvre Abu Dhabi's dome.

Are you looking for nighttime activities that will instantly make you famous? Some of the most gorgeous photos in the city can be found at the Louvre Abu Dhabi at night. Wander around the dome, admire the building's design, and snap a few photos to share on social media.

  • At The Founder's Memorial, observe the sunset

Watching the sunset at The Founder's Memorial has a certain something mystical about it, but watching that blazing globe set for the day anywhere in this magnificent city is remarkable. The Constellation, an artistic homage to the late Sheikh Zayed, comes to life as darkness falls on the metropolis. Using 1,327 geometric forms and standing 30 metres tall, the piece brilliantly displays an image of Sheikh Zayed into the night. Get your phones ready!

  • Ladies Night at Iris

A ladies' night in Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly one of the greatest things to do at night, and Iris on Yas Island is giving up a ladies' night that you won't forget. Get unlimited beer and wine all night for Dhs150, or stop by for free-flowing beverages from 8 pm until midnight for Dhs100.

  • Visit Shay Madhboot to get a karak.

Going for an evening cup of karak is one of the most well-liked pastimes among the residents. Packed with cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and saffron, this sweet, creamy tea has a lot of flavour. It is flavorful, and Shay Madhboot is among the greatest people to drink it. Try their renowned trademark Karak, which costs just Dhs 5 and will never hurt your pocketbook. That seems like a small amount to pay for such a restful evening.

  • Bar & Revolving Lounge Stratos

In search of traditional men's nights in Abu Dhabi? Stratos' Wednesday boys' night is highly renowned. Visit between 7 and 11 p.m. to receive 50% off main dishes and three chosen beverages. Enjoy a chilled one with the lads and take in the breathtaking 360-degree views of the city. Stratos is undoubtedly a great place for brunch.

  • At Khalifa International Bowling Centre, try the odds

Tossing a weighty ball into a waxed lane in the hopes that it will strike 10 immobile pins. It has a lot of therapeutic benefits. And for those who concur (which is everyone), the best place to test whether you can hit the perfect 300 is at Khalifa International Bowling Centre in Zayed Sports City. It's the largest public bowling alley in the capital, with forty lanes for public use. At Dhs20 a game, it's hard to find a better value for money evening for the entire gang in the city. In any case, the losers must pay. Folks, read the rules.

Khalifa International Bowling Centre

  • Visit Umm al Emarat Park after 8 pm

There is a lot to do at the Dhs10 entrance fee, such as the Wisdom Garden (a space for contemplating life's big questions), the 1,000-person amphitheatre, the Botanic Garden (which contains about 200 regional plant species), the Animal Barn (a petting zoo run by Emirates Park Zoo), and the Shade House. However, you are welcome to simply bring a book and relax on the park seats. That's also really great.

  • Ferrari World roof stroll

The vivid red roof of the memorial honouring the Ferrari, one of the greatest cars ever made, is one of Yas Island's most distinctive characteristics. Though there is a lot to see inside, we enjoy the newly opened roof walk. On the 600-metre route, visitors are free to stroll or shuffle while they take in the breathtaking views of the island. Late-comers will be able to see Yas in all its brilliant grandeur because it is open until 8 pm. Among the most terrifying things to do after sunset is this.

  • Walk around the Corniche

While strolling down one of Abu Dhabi's most lovely routes, let the stress melt from your shoulders. This lively path by the stunning coastline is just under four miles long, making it an excellent place to watch or simply enjoy some much-needed fresh air. The Corniche is a fantastic place for families to spend a free night in Abu Dhabi at night, offering a variety of play spaces.

  • Take a plunge into the dark with Al Mahara Diving Centre

When the sun goes down, are you curious about what's underneath? Divers may plunge into the dark chasm at Al Mahara Diving Centre to see what strange and amazing marine life emerges to play at night. For this aquatic night in Abu Dhabi, all you need is a towel and an adventurous attitude. Divers must possess the necessary PADI certifications to take part.

Despite what many people think about the Middle East, Abu Dhabi has an exciting nightlife with many options. Take advantage of Abu Dhabi's vibrant nightlife to escape the dull daily grind, particularly on Wednesdays and Fridays, when the city is busiest. Savour the vibrant nightlife of the city, which includes world-class clubs, chic rooftop bars, and opulent lounges that provide dancing, music, and unique experiences. After dusk, feel the city come to life! Make sure to browse through our innumerable listings of serviced apartments in Abu Dhabi if you are planning a visit. 

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