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Redefining Sustainable Accommodation:'s EcoGrade Tool at the Forefront of Change EcoGrade Tool at the Forefront of Change

Climate change is regarded as the biggest threat facing the 21st century. The unsustainable use of natural resources, over-consumption, pollution, and waste have detrimental effects on the Earth’s climate and economy.

As a part of the global economy, we must integrate environmental concerns into our business operations. 

So, what is EcoGrade? 

In today’s world of eco-awareness, we are all rightly concerned about the effects of our actions on the environment. Unfortunately, most methods of reporting today quote CO2 figures - which are wildly inaccurate for properties because CO2 consumption varies daily depending on which sources of power happen to be in use (coal, wind, nuclear). The numbers also depend on where the apartment might be located, its size and even the weather.

EcoGrade is a measure of how sustainable a stay will be in one of’s apartments, regardless of power sources, regions, number of bedrooms, or weather. The world’s best data sources for every region are gathered and advanced computer science and data processing methods convert complexity into simplicity for their users. 

How is this made possible? 

Four factors are assessed and combined into an easy-to-understand display and rating, visible on’s website and the booking confirmation. These are:

  1. Energy Use
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Green Suppliers 
  4. Proximity to Green Transportation

But who is EcoGrade for?

Whether you’re an individual choosing an apartment and you want to do something to help the planet, or whether you’re a corporation that has a much bigger kind of environmental impact to worry about through all your employees travelling a lot, EcoGrade helps to provide other understandable solutions to get a better grip on what your environmental impact would be. 

EcoGrade now covers all apartments across the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and Spain. 

And also, EcoGrade received recognition at the Business Travel Awards Europe 2023, WINNING the Achievement in Sustainability for Accommodation Providers award

EcoGrade, empowering carbon-conscious accommodation choices.

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