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Top 7 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Dallas

Looking for a restaurant in Dallas where you can eat while bringing your dog with you? There are places you may go if you're in the mood for breakfast, pizza, pub cuisine, or bistro fare, and your furry friend is more than welcome to join you. Dallas residents enjoy spending time outside each week while eating and drinking, and it's always nicer if our pets can join the fun! 

Don’t worry if you are a pet parent and are currently in Dallas! Fortunately, there are fewer businesses in this city that aren't pet-friendly, but here are a handful of the most dog-friendly restaurants in Dallas for you to spend quality time with your pooch! While you are at it, don't forget to check out our pet friendly Serviced Apartments in Dallas


1) Mutts Canine Cantina


Mutts Canine Cantina (Image Courtesy:

Address: 2889 Cityplace W Blvd, Dallas, TX 75204, United States

Opening Hours:

Sunday-Friday 5 am–11 pm

Saturday 11 am–8 pm

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery


Unlike other dog-friendly restaurants, Mutts Canine Cantina has an outdoor patio where you may eat with your dog in addition to a dog park. Burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and other casual American fare are available on the menu. Even a unique menu with canine-friendly ice cream and products like pup cups is available for your four-legged pal. 

The ideal location for a fun visit with your dog is Mutts Canine Cantina. Dog lovers may enjoy all their favourite things at MUTTS, including a wonderful bar and grill, an exciting entertainment and social scene, and a pleasant, clean, and secure outdoor environment for your canine companion.

2) Katy Trail Ice House

Katy Trail Ice House

Katy Trail Ice House (Image Courtesy:

Address: 3127 Routh St, Dallas, TX 75201, United States

Opening Hours: 

Monday-Friday  11 am–2 am

Saturday-Sunday 10 am–2 am

Service options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · No delivery


The expansive Katy Trail Ice House is a dog-friendly restaurant with a sizable outside terrace and is close to the well-known Katy Trail. Dogs are invited to accompany you as you take in the laid-back ambience and a variety of beers on tap. There are sandwiches, burgers, tacos, and other traditional pub fare on the menu. 

Your dog will have plenty of room to unwind on the big patio while you enjoy your lunch. All breeds of dogs are welcome, and the majority of the facility is outdoors. On the weekends, it can be rather crowded, so arrive beforehand if you would like to settle down or eat.

3) Truck Yard

Truck Yard

Truck Yard (Image Courtesy:

Address: 5624 Sears St, Dallas, TX 75206, United States

Opening Hours: 

Monday-Wednesday 4 pm–12 am

Thursday-Sunday 11 am–12 am

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery


Truck Yard is a bustling, canine-welcoming outdoor food and drink garden that draws a buzzing audience. The roomy outdoor seating area, where you can enjoy a changing lineup of food trucks providing a range of cuisines, is dog-friendly. 

Truck Yard is a well-liked choice among both locals and tourists because of the relaxed environment, live music, and quirky decorations. It's a wonderful location for a quick meal and some time with your pet. There is a statement on their website that reads, "Dogs are our favourite customers, so feel free to bring your furry friend."

4) Bread Winners Café & Bakery

 Bread Winners Café & Bakery

Bread Winners Café & Bakery (Image Courtesy:

Address: 3301 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204, United States

Opening Hours:

Sunday-Monday 8 am–3 pm

Tuesday-Saturday  8 am–8 pm

Service options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · Delivery


There are several locations of the canine-friendly restaurant Bread Winners Café & Bakery in Dallas. They allow dogs on their patios. Bread Winners is renowned for its scrumptious breakfast and brunch selections, which include omelettes, eggs Benedict, pancakes, and sandwiches. 

Additionally, they offer a tantalising variety of freshly baked products and pastries. It's a great option for a relaxed brunch with your dog. At this pet-friendly restaurant, well-behaved pets are permitted to sit with their owners at the outdoor tables. 

5) Lee Harveys

Lee Harveys

Lee Harveys (Image Courtesy:

Address: 1807 Gould St, Dallas, TX 75215, United States

Opening Hours:

Monda-Sunday 11 am–2 am

Service options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · Delivery


Looking for a relaxed, canine-friendly hangout in Dallas? Lee Harvey's is the place to go. This bar and grill offer a sizable outdoor terrace where you can enjoy a delicious dinner with your pet. 

They not only provide a wide selection of delectable burgers, sandwiches, and finger snacks, but they also have a special dog menu that lets your dog enjoy a few treats. With its laid-back ambience, welcoming staff, and pet-friendly features, Lee Harvey's is a terrific place to dine with your canine buddy.

6) Happiest Hour


Happiest Hour (Image Courtesy:

Address: 2616 Olive St, Dallas, TX 75201, United States

Opening Hours:

Monday-Wednesday 4 pm–12 am

Thursday-Friday 4 pm–2 am

Saturday 10 am–2 am

Sunday 11 am–12 am

Service options: Dine-in · No takeaway · No delivery


Happiest Hour is a location where you and your dog can feel complete joy, as its name implies. This posh eatery and bar have a sizable patio area where canine guests are cordially invited. Happiest Hour is the ideal fusion of refinement and comfort with its chic ambience, large drink menu, and mouthwatering food options. 

The menu offers a variety of alternatives to satiate your appetites, including small plates and sharing appetisers as well as delectable cocktails and craft brews. Happiest Hour offers a dog-friendly refuge where you and your dog can enjoy an evening of indulgence, whether you're wanting to unwind after a hard day or meet up with friends.

7) Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar (Image Courtesy:

Address: 5100 Belt Line Rd., St, 500, Addison, TX 75254, United States

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 11 am–12 am

Saturday-Sunday 10 am–12 am

Service options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · Delivery


In one location, the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, you may get convenience, delicious food, and an open-to-dogs setting. This restaurant has a patio area in which you may eat with your dog pal and has a cosy, rustic lodge-inspired atmosphere. Pizzas, Burgers, and hearty dinners are just a few of the American comfort food specialities on the menu. 

Additionally, Lazy Dog offers a customised menu for dogs that includes meals and treats made just for your dog. Lazy Dog is the ideal place to spend a relaxing afternoon with your beloved friend because of the warm atmosphere and dedicated service.

Visiting Dallas is a great idea for tourists, and it is even more enjoyable when you are accompanied by your dogs on your memorable vacation. Holidaying with your pets sounds cool when you have pet-friendly policies in your tourism package. Dallas is number one in welcoming pets, and there are several furnished apartments in Dallas ready to accommodate your pets comfortably, as long as you take full responsibility for their behaviour. Moreover, you can find these apartments close to restaurants and pubs of your choice for an exciting evening with your pets.

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