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Where to Stay in Cremorne Estate

There are several places in the area which travelers prefer for accommodation purposes. These include King’s Road, Chelsea, Beaufort Street, Moravia Place and Milman’s Street along with areas on the SW10, SW7, W10 and SW3. These include Cheyne Walk, North Kensington, Westbourne Park, Ladbroke Grove, Kensal Town, Latimer Road, South Kensington and others. 

Facts About Cremorne Estate

Cremorne Estate lies within London and its Kensington and Chelsea district. The SW10 0BP lies within the electoral ward for Chelsea Riverside and within the Chelsea and Fulham English Parliamentary Constituency. Here are some more interesting facts for your perusal: 

  • Cremorne Gardens were hugely popular gardens for pleasure on the banks of the River Thames at Chelsea, London. They were positioned between King’s Road and Chelsea Harbour and thrived between 1845-1847. 
  • These gardens made up the focal point of the estate and only the remnants survive today at the Cheyne Walk’s southern end. 
  • Cremorne is a ward within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 
  • The entire estate was under the ownership of the Earl of Huntingdon, the father of Steele’s Aspasia, who developed a magnificent mansion. It went into the ownership of the 1st Viscount Cremorne (1725-1813), a peer from Ireland’s County Monaghan, who contributed towards its beautification. 
  • The Cremorne name comes from a barony which is an ancient unit of administration in Ireland’s County Monaghan, an Anglicised version of Crioch Mhurn in contemporary Irish. This indicates Bounds of Mourne, originating from Bounds of Mourne
  • Barons Cremorne, the Dawson family, sold the property in 1831 to Baron de Berenger who made it into The Stadium, a facility for sports. The business went down in 1843 although Berenger had integrated pleasure gardens by this time. These opened for the summers and the opening festival was called Pie de Nie with balloon ascents. 
  • The gardens closed in 1877 as per historical accounts. 

Weather in Cremorne Estate

The weather stays mostly comfortable during summers while winters are on the chillier side and lengthy. Visiting between late June and early September is recommended.  Temperatures usually vary between 39 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit on average.