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Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia is ever-welcoming to tourists. So, if you are planning to visit, consider booking holiday apartments in Melbourne. They are convenient both for short-term and long-term travel. And can accommodate solo travelers, nuclear families as well as big groups. You will also find solace in them. This is possible thanks to the full privacy they offer despite all the busyness that goes around. You also get these apartments with customizable choices. This feature makes them more favorable than many other lodging options in Melbourne. Whether it is a vacation or a business trip, they can be trusted to make the most out of your tour. 

Top 10 Holiday Apartments in Melbourne For Tourists and Travellers

We are a tech-enabled accommodation institution. And have corporate and luxury serviced apartments in every major corner of the world. Some of the aspects may be influenced by local flavors and the needs of the specific location. But the standards are maintained high everywhere. Each of them is designed to soothe your tired mind, body, and soul after long journeys. The atmosphere has a homely vibe that oozes warmth and bliss.

The Melbourne holiday apartments are no exception. They are tailor-made to foster a smooth travel experience. There are the latest technologies available to make your days easygoing. The apartments also come in different styles. This is a deliberate attempt to gift you with enough options to find your perfect match. 

Explore 10 Mostly Liked Vacation Rentals in Melbourne which include

  1. Commercial Road Apartments
  2. Exploration Lane Studio Apartments
  3. Claremont Street Apartments
  4. Coventry Street Apartments
  5. Elizabeth Street Apartments
  6. Inkerman Street Apartments
  7. Quest Glen Waverley Apartment
  8. Quest St Kilda Bayside Apartment
  9. Station Street Apartments
  10. La Trobe Street Apartments

Why Should You Book Holiday Apartments in Melbourne?

Security is always an important factor to consider when visiting a new destination. And at TheSqua.re holiday apartments in Melbourne, you get that safe feeling. The furnished setup enables you to adjust to the new surroundings fast. Plus, the flexible policies make moving in and moving out headache-free. 

The fully furnished homes are also centrally located. So, day-to-day transportation becomes very time efficient. You get most of the essentials available within walking distance. This can save your daily travel expenses.

Tips For Booking The Perfect Holiday Rentals in Melbourne

All our Melbourne vacation apartments offer you premium-level comfort and luxury. But we understand that requirements do vary from person to person. Therefore we want to help you choose the best home for your Melbourne trip. You can contact our representatives and clear all your doubts regarding the apartments. In general, the apartments have essential amenities in common. But the designs, complimentary facilities, prices, and location vary. 

For instance, one apartment may provide you with an extra dose of comfort.  While another with standard features may have a prime location. Then there are also wheelchair-accessible rooms and ones with rooftop terraces. You just have to make the decision depending on your priorities.  

Facilities in Our Vacation Rentals in Melbourne

The holiday apartments in Melbourne are made worthy of your love. They have separate living and sleeping spaces and are bigger than most hotels around. The beds are cozy with top-quality linen. The bathrooms have an air of poshness. The kitchen is well-equipped and organized for easy accessibility. There’s also a functional TV to watch your favorite shows. Not to forget, the free high-speed Wi-Fi helps you stay connected with the outside world. You can enjoy long video calls with dear ones. Or conduct business meetings without interruptions. Free parking spaces are also there to keep your vehicles safe during your stay. 

The vacation rentals in Melbourne also have great staff. They care for every individual tourist. So, do expect pre-arrival guest calls and timely airport pickups. They will also meet and greet you and escort you to your apartments. Apart from these, there are options to ask for personalized services. We can arrange for a private chef if you want to enhance the holiday feels with unique delicacies. Then for fitness-conscious folks, there are gyms available. You can also enjoy private yoga classes if you desire. 

We provide countless opportunities to help you better appreciate the city. So, book with us for the best experience of your life.

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