4 Bedroom Apartments in New York

4 Bedroom Apartments in New York

When bigger groups head to the Big Apple to explore the sights and do business, they need somewhere that has enough space to cater for everyone and still have that special charm, and all the amenities that the best stays in New York require. Families and corporate projects teams can book our 4 bedroom serviced apartments in full confidence so they can work and relax as the rest of the city buzzes around them. 

While our collection of 4 bedroom apartments in NYC is not as vast as other parts of our award-winning portfolio, they still show off the best aspects of TheSqua.re experience. With their deliciously furnished and decorated interiors, and central locations to some of the top attractions and restaurants in New York, they are the essential companion to all corporate and leisure stays in the city. 

Below are our available 4 bedroom apartments in New York:

Facilities in Our 4 Bedroom Apartments in New York

Even a small collection as the above has been fully furnished to ensure that comfort and convenience take the highest priority. Every last apartment in our portfolio has the requested amenities that modern travelers, be they families or teams, require when they share a serviced space. When the big groups enter their apartment, they will find a living area where they can all congregate at the end of the day for some trashy American TV, a fully equipped kitchen where they can cook and eat together, free Wi-Fi that can keep them connected to others back home, and the 4 bedrooms that will function as their sleeping quarters throughout their short and long term stay. With everything that our apartments offer, families, friends and colleagues will soon discover that they can easily function as a second home and will have no issues relaxing at the end of long days of exploration and hard work. From leisure to business, all the apartments will be more than suitable

Outside of the usual amenities, there are additional amenities that can be added into the mix for those that are staying in buildings that have access to such things, or are a part of their booking package. These extra amenities can include the likes of a gym, sauna, spa and other assortments. Guests and groups can stay fit, unwind and abolish the stresses of the day or simply steam off. These things might seem trivial to some but to others, it’s the sign of a first-class experience. And we go out of our way to provide that for those who need it, and where we can deliver it.

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Where Can You Find Our 4 Bedroom Apartments in New York?

Again, our collection might not be immense for such apartments, but even so, they are spread across the city and in multiple boroughs too like Manhattan and Brooklyn. As many people know, each neighborhood of any city gives off its own characteristics that are appealing to some and not so to others. Thankfully, guests needing 4 bedroom apartments in NYC can have many parts of the city to pick from until they find the spot that applies to their needs. Trendy spots to more hidden neighborhoods further upfield, discovering the best spot for the group is more simpler than first thought.

The neighborhoods where our 4 bedroom apartments in New York can be found are the ones below: 

  • Chelsea - One of the most youthful and hip places to stay in New York, Chelsea is teeming with art galleries, markets and boutique shops that keep bringing all sorts to the area to see why it rates so highly. Great for groups and friends and families that want a stay that’s full of style and vibrancy. 
  • East Village - Another hip and trendy hotspot, this neighborhood has a far-out character that is epitomized by its shopping area, the art galleries in close proximity and an array of cool eateries to spend the long evenings.
  • Williamsburg - In the borough of Brooklyn, this is one of the top areas in the popular and artsy center. With chic boutiques, trendy cafes and stylish restaurants, families and friends can unwind here at their leisure. 
  • Upper Manhattan - The northernmost region of Manhattan, corporate travelers might find this place to be of interest with its restaurants and great access to other parts of the city. It may well be quieter than a more central location so those seeking a calmer way to experience New York.
  • Harlem - This cool neighborhood is known for its intimate jazz clubs, soul food institutions and the Apollo Theater. Out of all the other neighborhoods on this list, this one definitely boasts a character that many travelers of business and leisure will find more than appealing to their sensibilities. 

Attractions Near Our 4 Bedroom Apartments in New York

There are countless landmarks and sights in New York. We all know their names. And even though our collection of 4 bedroom apartments is small, they are still close to some of the top places to visit in NYC. Whether it’s some of the pivotal attractions to lesser, more underappreciated ones, our apartments are close to their beacons of culture, history and appreciation. Families, groups of friends and project teams will have much to discover outside of their fully furnished apartment. All they have to do is open the door, take a short subway ride and they’ll be right at the heart of the top sights of the city.

Here are some of the top and must-see attractions near our 4 bedroom apartments in NYC:

  • Empire State Building - One of the key landmarks that always makes a splash in the New York guides, the views from the top are always amazing and then there are the loved up ones that use the great views to propose. Not to be missed by anyone.
  • Central Park - With a zoo and much more hidden within the green space, visitors can do more than play a game of footy, walk the winding paths and go for the morning or evening run. Families with kids will love it.
  • The High Line - This 1.45-mile-long elevated linear park, greenway and rail trail may not appear on every list but it is one of the go-to spots in the Chelsea area. Everyone who comes here will love it.
  • St Nicholas Park - Located in Harlem, this is another green spot for sporty visitors and those who want a break from the crowded streets. While it may not be Central Park, it still has its advantages and won’t be anywhere near as crowded. 
  • Chelsea Market - The go-to foodie quarter in the neighborhood, it has plenty of stalls and other shops and goodies to entice everyone. No matter how old everyone in the group is, they’ll all enjoy something here.
  • Times Square - Where the calamity of NYC noises merges to a magnificent and deafening crescendo, crowds gather to take it all in and to snap the perfect pic. 
  • Rubin Museum of Art - With a collection of Tibetan and other Asian artworks, this gallery could easily rival some of the bigger galleries with its sustained focus on a subject matter it knows through and through.

Restaurants Near Our Four Bedroom Apartments in New York

New York is known for its global and varied cuisines. Visitors are not restricted to American dishes of burgers and pizza, but can easily feast on foods from the far reaches of the world if they go looking hard enough. When our guests want a change from their fully equipped kitchen and want to take the rest of their family, friends or team members out for something special, they have many options to consider. And given that our apartments are located not too far from the best restaurants in the city, guests will never have to walk far or catch a cramped subway to get to where they need to go.

These are just some of the top restaurants that are near our 4 bedroom apartments in New York:

  • The Red Cat - Serving an American-Mediterranean menu, this is a calm and cool restaurant for young professionals and food lovers that want new twists added to their usual favorites.
  • Cull & Pistol - Found in Chelsea Market, this is a prime seafood option for those that want to taste the depths of the ocean. And if fish isn’t always the top choice, now is the right time to reconsider.
  • Los Tacos No.1 - Another one of the many delights to be found in Chelsea Market, this establishment is renowned for selling the best tacos in the whole of New York. If that’s not a reason for hungry eaters to descend on the place and indulge, then we don’t know what is.
  • La Sirena Ristorante - Proudly serving a menu of refined Italian fare, this is a key place for friends, families and colleagues to head to in the evening. With rich flavors and texture on full display, it serves all the old favorites and much more.
  • Toro - Featuring soaring raftered ceilings and giant windows overlooking Eleventh Avenue, this tapas establishment is just one of many that are waiting to whisk people off their feet in the evening. 
  • Clay - Based in Harlem, it is one of the go-to eating establishments, visitors can enjoy the likes of al dente garganelli mixed with kale and pork sausage, confit duck and so much more. Always the fine addition to a long day.
  • Sylvia’s Restaurant - Another one of Harlem’s top institutions, it is a prime spot for soul food. Clientele can tuck into catfish, ribs, and fried chicken with a side of mac & cheese. Again, like much on this list, it shouldn't be missed at any costs. 
  • Zoma - Found down 113th Street, the interior has big windows and a chandelier and serves exemplary Ethiopian food that will have visitors wondering why they didn’t consider it before.
  • Hanoi House - Serving some of the most inspired Vietnamese food in the heart of New York, it will shock the taste buds and make everyone want to order an array of seconds. If seconds isn’t on the menu then another meal here surely will be.

4 Bedroom Corporate Apartments in New York

Business travelers that are amassing in the city of New York for conferences or project presentations will want to stay together to facilitate the needs of their travel. And our portfolio more than allows us to achieve this for them. The spacious 4 bedroom apartments are equipped for all business needs, having free Wi-Fi so guests can work from home, as well as the utilities to put business to bed so guests can unwind. Plus, being close to the financial areas, corporate guests don’t have far to commute for morning meetings when they have to go. Business in every shape and form inside and outside is taken care of from the get-go.

4 Bedroom Apartments in NYC for Leisure

Families and friends will want a 4-bedroomed space where everyone has an independent area to call their own, as well as a cozy spot for all to gather around in the evenings. Fully equipped kitchens mean people can cook together and eat as a unit rather than being alone. Nothing like a good natter about the day’s experiences to go with the food. Then there’s the Wi-Fi to connect to other streaming surfaces and more friends and family far away. Plus, with the apartments being ideally close to some of the top sights and restaurants in the city, they bring comfort and convenience to a whole new level. 

Transport Near Our 4 Bedroom Apartments in New York

When it comes to getting around the hectic city of New York, families, friends and project teams need not panic. The New York Subway is one of the most recognizable public transportation systems after the London Underground in its sheer scale and breadth. Most New Yorkers use it on a daily basis and rush is known for its manic and volatile nature. However, guests of business and leisure need not panic as the subway will get them where they need to go, no matter which apartment of ours that they pick. That’s because we have put our apartment close to the top subway stations in their areas so traveling from A to B becomes incredibly simple.

Our 4 bedroom apartments in New York are near the following subway stations:

  • 135 Street
  • 125 Street
  • 110 St-Cathedral Parkway Station
  • 116 Street
  • 103 Street
  • 116 Street Station - Columbia University
  • 145 Street
  • 28 Street
  • 23 Street
  • 33 Street
  • Bleecker Street
  • Flushing Avenue
  • Lorimer Street