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Manhattan's Union Square is a well-known crossroads and neighbourhood in New York City.  The best-serviced apartments in Union Square can be located throughout the neighbourhood. The Union Square neighbourhood borders the Flatiron District, and other nearby communities include the affluent neighbourhoods of Greenwich Village, East Village, Chelsea, and Gramercy Park. 

Top Furnished Apartments in Union Square

We provide free Wi-Fi to keep you engaged and connected throughout your stay, along with fully functional kitchens for pleasant stays. Unwind in our tastefully decorated and cosy bedrooms as you get ready for yet another thrilling day. 

Cost of Living in Union Square

Total expenses for housing, food, childcare, transportation, medical care, taxes, and other needs are 68.0 per cent less than in New York and 104.1 per cent more than the national average. The average cost of a home is $1,399,700, which is 238.4% more costly than the average home in New York, which is $413,600, and 314.0% more expensive than the national average of $338,100. In Union Square, the monthly rental cost of a two-bedroom apartment is $3,770, which is 92.3 per cent more expensive than the $1,960 national average and 42.4 per cent more expensive than the $2,170 state average. You can still find affordable furnished apartments in Union Square. Grocery shopping, eating out, travel, and entertainment are additional expenses in this area that might be high. A minimum yearly salary of $268,200 for a family and $133,600 for an individual is suggested to live comfortably in Union Square, New York. 

Where to Stay in Union Square

Finding furnished apartments in New York is easy when in Union Square. Some of the top places to live include Union Square East and also Union Square West. There are other notable places to live such as 17th Street (which offers access to Park Avenue South and also Broadway) along with 14th Street. The best part is that Union Square is adjacent to the Flatiron District and also other prime localities like Chelsea, East Village, Greenwich Village and Gramercy Park. East 19th Street is another popular place to stay, along with 2nd Avenue. 


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More about Union-square, New york

Facts About Union Square

New York City's Union Square is a busy and energetic centre noted for its historic market, which is home to a well-known farmers' market several days a week. The region is a bustling and practical hub of the city because of its central location, which provides quick access to many other areas. Here are some important facts about Union Square-

  • In 1839, the Union Square neighbourhood was established as a public area. The designers of Prospect Park and Central Park, Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux, contributed to the park's final design by adding lush vegetation and improving the area's use for big gatherings. The idea was to build a public plaza that would be open to all New Yorkers and within their reach.
  • Additionally, it has served as a venue for political gatherings and protests. Union Square had some of the first demonstrations and gatherings in support of civil rights, women's suffrage, and anti-war movements. The area has hosted rallies against climate change and Occupy Wall Street in recent years.
  • Union Square Park is centred on a statue of George Washington. One of the nation's earliest public sculptures, it was built in 1856.
  • The Union Square neighbourhood was formerly referred to as the "Printing District" because of the large number of printing companies there.
  • The park gets its name from the intersection of Broadway and Bowery streets. Bowery Street enters the east side of the square as 4th Avenue.
  • September 5, 1882, saw the inaugural Labor Day procession take place at Union Square. The Central Labor Union was in charge of organising the march, which had over 10,000 participants. The parade served as a platform for both advocating for more worker rights and celebrating the achievements of the labour movement.

Weather in Union Square

Union Square has similar weather conditions like New York City. The climate is humid and hot in the summer season while there is year-round rainfall alongside. The weather also stays cold and chilly in the winter season. Temperatures hover between −17 °C-42 °C on average throughout the year.