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Upper Manhattan sees a wide variety of tourists every year. Keeping up with their every demand are our furnished apartments in Upper Manhattan. They are lavish and reflect the vibrancy of the neighborhood itself. The standard of living matches the high expectations of the Upper Manhattan trippers. They have all kinds of facilities required for an opulent lifestyle. There’s also the chance to indulge in an extra dose of fun. You can order luxuries from the get-go or at any given time you desire. 

The personalized approach makes the apartments convenient for all travelers. From solo tourists and families to business visitors, everyone can enjoy privileges. They have special arrangements to favor the elderly and handicapped guests as well.

Top Furnished Apartments in Upper Manhattan:

TheSqua.re has more than 4 serviced apartments in Upper Manhattan at the moment. Each property has its unique star features. Some of them come with high-quality hardwood floors and complimentary furnishings. While others are brownstone townhouses with a more rejuvenated touch. But irrespective of the type, these furnished apartments in NYC all have an inviting, friendly, and sumptuous air. They are also more spacious than many average accommodations in the region.

The best aspect of these apartments is the customizable booking policies. So, if you want to enjoy days more majestically, you can. Some luxurious offerings include saunas, private gardens, personal yoga classes, and private chefs. Free accesses to gyms are available for 30+ day stays. You can also appreciate the streets of Upper Manhattan in chauffeur-driven cars. And they have also kept the extra charges affordable for most tourists to take advantage of them. 

Where to Stay in Upper Manhattan

Upper Manhattan has several tourist-convenient neighborhoods under it. Among them, Harlem - 125th Street Station is quite popular both with travelers and natives. The historic locale houses the legendary Apollo Theatre. It also features several trendy and stylish restaurants, clubs, and bars. Due to the high demand, Harlem is home to some of the best furnished apartments in Upper Manhattan. 

Regular outgoers can also choose the apartments near the ⅔ Express Train. It will make their daily travel fast and hassle-free. Washington Heights and Morningside Heights are equally great for visitors. They offer modern facilities and have many serviced apartments in Upper Manhattan.

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Facts About Upper Manhattan

Upper Manhattan is pretty safe. It also has a diverse aura that can help you witness a different kind of Manhattan. One that contains a warm welcoming charm blended with authentic aspects. So if you are planning your New York trip, you can rely on the furnished apartments in Upper Manhattan.

Here are some more facts to keep you intrigued throughout your apartment search.

  • The northernmost areas of the New York City borough of Manhattan make up Upper Manhattan. But its southern border has had multiple definitions. The most familiar ones are 96th Street, 125th Street, 155th Street, and 110th Street. 
  • The entire Upper Manhatten is commonly referred to as Uptown. But the term is also used to describe the locations above 59th Street in general. So, if you look from a broad perspective, Upper Manhattan is encircled by the uptown. 
  • The IRT Ninth Avenue track and a few other railroads opened the doors of Upper Manhattan to the public. 
  • The region held a rustic flair until the late 20th century. The other regions of New York became urbanized much before Upper Manhattan. 

Weather in Upper Manhattan

Summers in Upper Manhattan are bright and sunny. Some days are more humid than others. The minimum temperature stays around 68°F while the maximum can reach 86°F, even more on some days.  In contrast, winter months are pretty chilly and snowy. It lasts from December and continues till March. January is usually the coldest month with temperatures dropping to 25°F or below. 

The best time to visit Upper Manhattan is from April to June. And then again from September to early days in November. The weather remains pleasant during those times together with lesser crowds. This helps you enjoy Upper Manhattan at your own pace and rhythm.