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More about Huanggpu, Shanghai

Facts About Huangpu

Huangpu brims with effortless water experiences, brimming industrial work opportunities, and a lot of culinary experiences. A handful of facts that will further excite your lookout for serviced apartments in Huangpu are listed below for a quick skim:

  • The popular district is named after the mother river of Shanghai that runs 113-kilometer long.
  • Passing over 10 districts and with 5 bridges, Huangpu is the largest Shanghai river dividing it into Pudong and Puxi.
  • Translated as the Yellow River Bank, Huangpu is also popularly named  Whampoa which is a part of Guangzhou City.
  • With 11 urban districts across Guangzhou City, it is the budding capital of Guangdong Province.

Weather in Huangpu 

Much like the rest of Shanghai, Huangpu witnesses very hot summers with an average of 77-89°F and mild comparative winters with an average of 40-53°F. Mid-September to October is the most recommended period to visit this part of Shanghai to make the most of its exciting summer activities. Expect mild rains between February and September so pack accordingly.