Serviced Apartments in Jing 'An

When in Jing’ An, one always prefers to stay amidst the locals and yet feel in a comfort zone. Our serviced apartments in Jing' An are welcoming spots travelers aspire for. Our abodes get the blessed beauty of temples in Shanghai right from the window. You can sit in the quiet living room and soak in all the good vibes of the temples. Jing' An is a place that sits on West Nanjing Road and flourishes in downtown area of Shanghai. Allow us the special chance to be your host in this popular part of the city.

Top 10 Serviced Apartment in Jing' An For Tourists and Travelers

  1. West Zhejiang Rd Apartments
  2. WuLuMuQi Rd Apartments
  3. Yuan Lu Apartments
  4. Waipojing Rd Apartments
  5. Natural Museum Station Apartments
  6. Xinzha Road Apartments
  7. Shimen Road Apartments
  8. North Sichuan Road Station Apartments
  9. Weihai Road Apartments
  10. Shi Men Yi Rd Apartments

The apartments from us come in a bundle package. We have made sure to get everything that a traveler can wish for in a foreign land. With experts curating experiences, the apartments support lavish interiors and services. Each living room has a soothing Chinese interior and is spacious enough to spread out. Our furnished apartments in Jing’ An have an open window to fill the abode with light and the best view. We took extra care of the kitchen as guests often miss home food when travelling. You will get every piece of equipment in the kitchen from different knives to the dishwasher.

Indoor entertainment is a must for The Squa.re guests which is why guests get Wi-Fi on a complimentary basis. Our DVD collections let you binge-watch evergreen movies on our flat-screens.

Where to Stay in Jing' An

The iconic Temple of Jing' An is five minutes away from our serviced apartments. Business travelers like The Bund and Lujiazui Financial District are within a 15-minutes drive. We placed our furnished apartments in Jing’ An near People's Square as well to ease transportation. In an 18 minute drive, the stayers can drive to Xintiandi and in a few minutes to Hongqiao Airport. Our abodes are flexibly located near the best-known places of Jing' An so that you don't miss the best parts.

Contact the reservations team at TheSqua.re to book your serviced apartment in Jing' An today, or take a look at our Shanghai apartments.

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More about Jingan, Shanghai

Facts about Jing' An

Home to one of the oldest temples- Jing' An temple, this Shanghai District has a lot of facts to impress like:

  • Jing' An means Temple of Peace which is an esoteric Tangmi Buddhist temple.
  • The famous Jing' An park is also located here. It lies in a cemetery that was first opened in 1898. The site then had tombs of many British.
  • As a well-known commercial district, Jing 'An is now heavy in ex-pat populations.
  • In the location of Jing,' An is the residence of Cai Yuan Pei. He is the former president of Peking University. It is China's well-known higher educational institution.
  • One of the oldest houses- Green House sits here. Designed in 1938 by Laszlo Ede Hudec, it is the first house in Shanghai that has an electric elevator.

Weather at Jing' An

Jing' An has a blend of different weathers. The wet season here is quite warm and still preferred. In contrast, the dry season is comfortable and windy. People generally prefer warm weather here for sightseeing. The ideal time to visit this place is from October to December. If you plan for other months, you can still consider our serviced apartments in Jing’ An. We are proud to have facilities that suit all the weather.