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Ryde is a suburb of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. It is located13 km North-West of the Sydney CBD and is approximately8 km East of Parramatta. It is situated on the North banks of river Parramatta and it is a portion of the North Sydney region. The southern portion of the place is connected with Rohdes by the Rdye bridge over the Parramatta River.  

As part of the Sydney suburb, Ryde is extremely well-equipped and self-sufficient in terms of services, shopping, and amenities. Being close to the non-CBD workplaces it has many persons seeking serviced apartments in Ryde as accommodation.

The commercial area of Ryde is the Top Ryde. It is based at the juncture of Blaxland Road and Devlin Street and houses the Top Ryde shopping center; which claims to be the second shopping center to be built in Australia, the library, and the Ryde Council. 

Top Serviced Apartments in Ryde for Tourists

Each one of these Serviced Apartments in Ryde is well equipped with every convenience and facility necessary for a contented stay. A comfortable bedroom to take a break after a hard day's work, a completely equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi to remain connected, a flat-screen TV for recreation, and other facilities are immensely helpful to say the least. 

Where to Stay in Ryde

With its proximity to the non-CBD commercial hub, it is only 30 mins drive to the CBD using personal transport and 45 mins by public transport. It is connected through the Meadowbank train station, the West Ryde train station and the North Ryde station to the city, including other modes of travel. So, staying here makes sense.

It has practically all one needs as daily conveniences close by at the Top Ryde Shopping Centre. The suburban living ambiance; much desired by many, is the benefit of staying in Ryde, near Ryde Park. 

You have the big-box retail, many dining and diverse storefronts existing beside verdant suburban side street, and even a waterfront area by the Parramatta River.

Facts about Ryde

  • It is one of the utmost diverse suburbs of Sydney. 
  • It is an exciting mix of old and contemporary.
  • Ryde is one of the earliest established main suburbs of the city.
  • Ryde derives its name from the town of Ryde situated on the Isle of Wight.
  • Originally the place was known as Wallumatta, an Aboriginal name.
  • Thereafter in 1792, it was renamed Eastern Farms.
  • Within some years it was rechristenedasKissing Point with the road connecting Ryde to Parramatta named Kissing Point Road
  • In 1887 the name Kissing Road was changed to victoria Road
  • From the 1840s the name of the place Ryde became popular.
  • During the yesteryears, the Sydney Tramway Network (which operated from 1879 until 1961) had its service in Ryde 
  • Santa Rosa Park between Bridge Road and Quarry Road has a separate pathway for bike riders and walkers.
  • During the 2000 Summer Olympics, water polo events were held at the Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre.

Weather in Ryde

The best time to visit Ryde is from April till November when the weather is good and temperatures range from 20-250 Celsius (60-770F). The summers on Ryde span from December till March when the average temperature spikes up to27.0° Celcius (80.6°F) and July is the coldest month with a minimum temperature of 17.8°Celcius (64.04°F).

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