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Furnished Apartments in Foggy Bottom, Washington DC

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Washington DC, Foggy Bottom is a popular neighborhood for both leisure and corporate travelers. Home to the Kennedy Center, the State Department, and many other important landmarks, this neighborhood is usually picked by tourists due to its accessibility to various tourist spots and business centers. A culturally and politically rich area, Foggy Bottom is usually the best spot to stay to experience the very best of the US capital.

Some of the Top Furnished Apartments in Foggy Bottom are: 

Each of these furnished apartments in Foggy Bottom comes with all the facilities and amenities a traveler needs to enjoy a comfortable vacation. These fully-furnished apartments in Foggy Bottom have separate bedrooms with attached bathrooms, spacious living rooms and dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and much more.

Where to Stay in Foggy Bottom

Foggy Bottom is stretched across the Potomac River to the western edge of Georgetown. Though Foggy Bottom is not massive but staying near the popular tourist attractions is always preferred. If you are a student, you can stay near one of our serviced apartments in Foggy Bottom that are close to the George Washington University. You can also stay near Rock Creek Park which will give you access to lush greenery away from the city crowd.

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Facts About Foggy Bottom

This neighborhood in Washington DC is one of the oldest and most known for the Kennedy Center, George Washinton University, and Watergate Hotel. Once home to the working-class of Iris and German immigrants, now Foggy Bottom is a prime location for students, government employees, and diplomats.

A few facts about Foggy Bottom are:

  • The area got its name from the fog that usually stays here cause it is set low near the river. 
  • Foggy Bottom was home to a German brewery named Olde Heurich Brewing company which was shut down in 1961 and demolished to make space for Kenney Center. 
  • This is also home to the original location of the United States Naval Observatory. 

Weather in Foggy Bottom

As the name suggests, this area is usually filled with fog though further from the Potomac River the sky gets clearer. The best time to visit Foggy Bottom, Washington DC is between April to June or September to October as the temperature is moderate. If you are planning well in advance, try to visit the capital city during the famous Cherry Blossom Festival which happens around late March or early April. Summers are peak season here and hotel prices are quite high at that time. If you are traveling to Foggy Bottom during winter, you might need to stick to indoor activities. The temperature goes below the freezing point and most of the outdoor activities are closed during the winter months.