32 Best Things to Do in Seattle This Summer

Seattle in Washington

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of the most iconic American cities that you can visit with your friends and family. You can simply take off to this amazing destination and book furnished apartments in Seattle online. Plan your summer itinerary, make a list of available attractions, things to do in Seattle and anticipate a relaxing and enjoyable time ahead in this city! The city comes alive in summers with a plethora of enjoyable outdoor attractions for locals and tourists alike.

Listed below are the top 32 things to do in Seattle (Must See and Do):

1. Space Needle

Space Needle in Seattle

Space Needle, Seattle

Visitors should book their Seattle furnished apartments in strategic locations which offer easy access to major attractions like this one! Arguably the most iconic Seattle attraction, the Space Needle is an iconic landmark on the city skyline and its Space Lift is a refreshing new addition. It has a unique rotating glass floor where you can take adventurous glimpses of the ground beneath you while relishing the view from the floor to ceiling glass windows. The stunning 360 degree views of the Puget Sound and surrounding landscape are simply gorgeous to say the least! 

2. Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle

Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle (image courtesy: visitseattle.org)

Nestled under the Space Needle itself, the Chihuly Garden and Glass displays inspiring glass-based sculptures crafted by renowned Seattle artist Dale Chihuly. The iconic centerpiece here is the Glasshouse that goes up to 40 feet and houses a 100 foot long sculpture for company. You can take a charming walk through the beautiful gardens in the evenings at the time of the golden hour in the city. You can then simply venture up the Space Needle to catch glimmering sunset views that you will never forget! 

3. Pacific Science Center

Pacific Science Center in Seattle

Pacific Science Center, Seattle (image courtesy: seattleattractions.com)

Families with children should book their furnished apartments in Seattle near the Pacific Science Center. A treat for family outings in summers, this one takes the cake with its tropical butterfly house that contains 800+ species for your perusal. There are literally hundreds of interactive science exhibits in addition to a planetarium, a couple of IMAX theaters and one of the biggest Laser Dome theaters in the world at the center. 

4. The Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel is another attraction that you should not miss on your summer visit. Accessible from most Seattle furnished apartments near Pier 57, you will love the whole experience of taking a thrilling ride on this landmark while viewing the city in all its glory, 175 feet above the water! The sunset is a great time to watch the sun gracefully set behind the pristine Olympic Mountains. 

5. The Original Starbucks

The Original Starbucks in Seattle

The Original Starbucks, Seattle (image courtesy: theguardian.com)

The Original Starbucks is another attraction that is a must-visit while you are exploring the Pike Place Market. The 1st & Pike Starbucks store is the original outlet and having a coffee here is a must-do activity during summers!

6. Fremont Troll

Fremont Troll in Seattle

Fremont Troll, Seattle (image courtesy: explorest.com)

Get all outdoorsy in summer and take the Fremont Troll, nestled under the massive Aurora Bridge. You will love venturing through the vibrant and quirky locality to find other attractions like the 16 foot Vladimir Lenin bronze sculpture and a rocket ship. 

7. Gum Wall

Gum Wall in Seattle

Gum Wall, Seattle

Gum Wall is located just beneath Pike Place Market at Post Alley and it is a funky attraction by all means. A brick wall here is fully covered in gum! Once you visit, you have to leave your own gum too! 

8. Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park in Seattle

Gas Works Park, Seattle

With gorgeous views of Downtown Seattle, right across Lake Union, there is no better place to spend a lovely sunny day than camping at Gas Works Park. Check out one of the uniquely designed gas plant equipment themed tables for picnics.

9. Pioneer Square Shops & Restaurants

Pioneer Square Shops & Restaurants in Seattle

Pioneer Square Shops & Restaurants, Seattle

Summers are the best times for exploring Pioneer Square. The founders of Seattle settled here in 1852 and some of the city’s oldest structures are still found in this beautiful locality. Go through 1st Ave and discover charming gifts at Fresh Tangerine or simply settle down for cocktails and tasty bites at Damn the Weather.

10. Monorail Rides in the Museum of Pop Culture

Monorail Rides in the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle

Monorail Rides in the Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle (image courtesy: seattlemonorail.com)

If you are seeking a classic experience in Seattle, visit the Museum of Pop Culture or MoPOP. Get onto the Monorail and take a ride through the Frank O. Gehry structure, while enjoying afternoon exhibits afterwards that fuse pop culture, music and even science fiction.

11. Water Taxi Ride

Water Taxi Ride in Seattle

Water Taxi Ride, Seattle

Summers are all about enjoying the water and you can consider taking a ride to West Seattle on a water taxi! Cruise over the Elliott Bay for a day of lazing around the beach and shopping. The 12 minute cruise is gorgeous and worth every penny of the otherwise nominal rates!

12. Enjoy Summer Concerts

Enjoy Summer Concerts in Seattle

Summer Concerts, Seattle

Seattle in summer is all about catching the best summer concerts outdoors. Dance to a medley of your favorite tracks at the Capitol Hill Block Party or simply take a closer look at the wonderful artist lineup at the Bumbershoot, the original music festival in Seattle. There are plenty of outdoor events taking place throughout the year. 

13. Capitol Hill Nightlife and Shopping

Seattle Capitol Hill Nightlife

Seattle Capitol Hill Nightlife (image courtesy: theculturetrip.com)

Capitol Hill is the best place to enjoy vibrant and diverse nightlife along with indulging in wonderful shopping experiences at the same time. It has a bevy of fashion stores, boutiques, sneaker stores, environment friendly retailers and thrift stores aplenty. Drop by speakeasy joints like Kane High Stocking Co, party places like Unicorn and distilleries such as Sun Liquor.

14. Oxbow Park

Oxbow Park in Seattle

Oxbow Park, Seattle (image courtesy: facebook.com)

Hat n Boots is one of the most unique attractions at Oxbow Park and was built in the year 1954 as part of a gas station with a Western theme. It is reportedly the biggest hat and cowboy boots installation in all of America. 

15. Olympic Sculpture Park

Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle

Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle

The Olympic Sculpture Park offers contemporary and classic surroundings along with gorgeous views of the Olympic Mountains, Belltown and Space Needle in tandem with lovely waterfront views alongside.

16. Seattle Pinball Museum

Seattle Pinball Museum

Seattle Pinball Museum

The Seattle Pinball Museum will take you back in time to your nostalgic days in childhood, complete with lights, arcades and pinball flippers galore! This is a classic pinball emporium with its own slice of Seattle culture. This fabulous museum has 50+ vintage pinball machines which can be played with for absolutely free of cost and this comes with admission to the museum itself.

17. Kerry Park

Kerry Park in Seattle

Kerry Park, Seattle (image courtesy: en.wikipedia.org)

Kerry Park is one of the most popular viewpoints in all of Seattle and makes for a lovely sight at both night and daytime.

18.Golden Gardens Park

Golden Gardens Park in Seattle

Golden Gardens Park, Seattle (image courtesy: seattleandsound.com)

Golden Gardens Park is all about sandy beaches, windswept and glimmering sunsets, barbecue pits and a lot more. This is where you can simply venture to the beach and enjoy a fun game of volleyball while taking a walk to the northern nature preserve for discovering lovely local turtles.

19. Walking Around the Green Lake

Walking Around the Green Lake in Seattle

Walking Around the Green Lake, Seattle (image courtesy: pinterest.com)

The Green Lake is one of the most charming and beautiful parks in Seattle, offering a pathway that has been newly rebuilt around the perimeter and is ideal for walking, rollerblading and biking alike. In summers, you can simply take a refreshing dip at the beach and then explore the attractive shops dotting the neighborhood.

20. Alki Beach

Alki Beach in Seattle

Alki Beach, Seattle (image courtesy: homeaway.com)

Summers are ideal for visits to the Alki Beach. On a lovely sunny day, this is Santa Monica for Seattle by all means! Enjoy beach volleyball, roller skating and long-boarding among other activities while viewing the lovely vistas of the city from across the bay.

21. Myrtle Edward Park

The Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle

The Myrtle Edwards Park, Seattle (image courtesy: pinterest.com)

The Myrtle Edwards Park is situated just a few minutes northwards from the Clipper Terminal and lies beautifully along the waterfront. The park is the ideal place to view the sun setting behind the Olympic Mountains. You can gaze westwards across the Puget Sound for enjoying fabulous views of marine life, ships, Bainbridge Island and West Seattle.

22. Find Pocket Parks in Seattle

Pocket Parks in Seattle

Pocket Parks, Seattle (image courtesy: seattle.gov)

Dotted throughout Seattle, you will find numerous tiny pocket parks and gardens, covered in beautiful flowers and pristine gardens. Rest your feet after a hectic day of traveling at the lovely Thomas Street Gardens that is packed with wildflowers or take a break from Kerry Park which is mostly packed with tourists, at the lovely Parsons Gardens.

23. Washington Park Arboretum

Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle

Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle (image courtesy: tripadvisor.com)

This is one of the hidden delights of Seattle, covering 230 acres of vibrant plant life that you will not find anywhere in the entire Northwest. There are lovely and winding trails for visitors or you can simply find a bench and take in the gorgeous surrounding landscape. Summer and spring are the best times to visits and these are the times when you will find lovely flowers adding more color to the place.

24. Waterfall Garden Park

Waterfall Garden Park in Seattle

Waterfall Garden Park, Seattle (image courtesy: land8.com)

The Waterfall Garden Park is one of the best attractions in Seattle. This is a 22 foot waterfall located right in the center of Pioneer Square, nestled away behind the Occidental Square Park along 2nd Ave. It is an ideal place to savor lunch, read that favorite book, relax to sounds of soothing water and just let go of all your thoughts for some time at least.

25. San Juan Whale Watching Tour

San Juan Whale Watching Tour, Seattle

San Juan Whale Watching Tour, Seattle (Image courtesy: pinterest.com)

Between April and October, you can enjoy some exciting times watching whales aboard a cruise taken from downtown Seattle. Learn about the local marine wildlife from professional naturalists and take in the amazing coastal views en route. You can also stop at Friday Harbor for exploring this quaint seaside town to the hilt. 

26. Explore the Seattle Pike Place Market

Seattle Pike Place Market

Seattle Pike Place Market (image courtesy: pikeplacemarket.org)

You will love the awesome food tours in Seattle, giving you guided walking tours of some of the best neighborhoods for foodies in the city. You can find some of the freshest and tastiest foods at the Pike Place Market.

27. Touring Beneath the Streets

Touring Beneath the Streets in Seattle

Touring Beneath the Streets, Seattle (image courtesy: simpleviewinc.com)

Beat the heat in style at Seattle by venturing underground. The Beneath the Streets tour is a fabulous insight into the history of the subterranean storefronts in the city and the sidewalks that were entombed in the 1889 Great Fire.

28. Boeing Future of Flight Tour

Boeing Future of Flight Tour in Seattle

Boeing Future of Flight Tour, Seattle (image courtesy: seattlenorthcountry.com)

The Boeing Future of Flight Tour is another fantastic summer activity for tourists. You can venture to explore the Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Factory as part of an exciting experience. Go through the largest global building by way of volume and take a look at the iconic 747, 787 and 777 Dreamliner airplanes. 

29. Argosy Tillicum Excursion

Argosy Tillicum Excursion in Seattle

Argosy Tillicum Excursion, Seattle (image courtesy: pinterest.com)

Cruise right across the Puget Sound to Blake Island nearby. Enjoy delicious nectar and clams along with buffets with a riot of Northwestern flavors and fish smoked whole over alder-wood fires. Take in fabulous performances by Tillicum Village dancers, narrating the history of First Nations individuals. This is a summertime experience unlike any other! 

30. Cheer on the Sounders and Mariners

T-Mobile Park, Seattle

T-Mobile Park, Seattle (image courtesy: pixels.com)

The key hub for the Seattle Mariners is Safeco Field with its classic retractable roof and the tastiest hot dogs, crackerjacks and peanuts imaginable! Next door you will find the Seattle Sounders as they battle for the coveted MLS Cup at the CenturyLink Field. Both these well-known stadiums are conveniently positioned amongst several after-game recreational hotspots like Henry’s Tavern and Pyramid Alehouse. You will have numerous choices at your fingertips with regard to celebrating your team’s victory over a pint and some delicious snacks. 

31. International Fountain

International Fountain in Seattle

International Fountain, Seattle (image courtesy: en.wikipedia.org)

The International Fountain is arguably one of the most interesting attractions for visitors during summer. This is a lot about bringing out that hidden kid in yourself and dashing off across the 20 spouts that come with this fountain. There is accompanying world music which changes a couple of times every month, coinciding with the events taking place at the Seattle Center. This is a literally refreshing experience that you should not miss.

32. The Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight in Seattle

The Museum of Flight, Seattle (image courtesy: spaceneedledev.com)

The Museum of Flight is worth an afternoon of gazing at the best aircraft and is the biggest independent museum of its type worldwide. There are 175+ aircraft models while the Pilot Experience is simply unputdownable here. A café visit is also recommended.

These are some of the best things which you can do in summer in Seattle.

Now that you have an idea of the best things to do in summer, check out furnished apartments in Seattle for your stay.

Here’s to an enjoyable trip ahead!


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