National Day of UAE - All You Need to Know


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) commemorate the day the federation was founded in 1971 by holding a national holiday on December 2nd. For the people of the United Arab Emirates, this historic anniversary is a cause for reflection, thanksgiving, and celebration. 

The National Day of the United Arab Emirates has a rich history, a significant meaning, and many celebrations that we shall explore in this article.

Historical Significance 

The UAE experienced a turning point in 1971. Seven emirates united on December 2 to create a single, strong nation, putting an end to decades of ethnic strife in the process. The emirates' visionary rulers, especially Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum were instrumental in bringing the various regions together to form a thriving country. 

Celebrations and Festivities 

A large event that unites people from all walks of life is the National Day of the UAE. Green, white, black, and red, the UAE's national colours are used to decorate the streets, while buildings and landmarks are illuminated in a spectacular show of patriotism.  

The celebrations get underway with a grand procession that includes members of the military services, cultural exhibits, and traditional performances. As residents and city dwellers crowd the streets, they are raising their voices in unison to cheer. This procession celebrates the nation's history and highlights its contemporary successes.  

Along with the parade, numerous other events and activities are planned across the nation. Traditional dances, cultural exhibits, and sky-illuminating fireworks shows are a few of these. Additionally, there are events specifically designed for kids to ensure that the next generation develops a profound respect for the history and ideals of their nation. 

Tourism during National Day 

It's imperative to make plans in advance if you want to attend the National Day events. Every emirate in the UAE has its own special events and activities as part of the celebrations. Serviced apartments in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are great choices for travellers looking for convenient and comfortable lodging. 


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For the citizens of this thriving country, the National Day of the UAE is a moment of great pride and happiness. It is a chance to consider the extraordinary journey that resulted in the creation of the UAE and to celebrate both its illustrious past and bright future. 

Thinking about accommodations like serviced apartments in Dubai and serviced apartments in Abu Dhabi might improve the whole experience for those wishing to attend this historic event. These apartments provide a degree of cosiness, convenience, and adaptability that goes well with the National Day's festive mood. Therefore, whether you are a resident or a visitor, put the second of December on your calendar and join in the celebrations that capture the true spirit of the UAE.  

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