New York Shopping Arcades at Christmas 2022

Best Places for Shopping in New York During Christmas

NYC Shopping Arcades at Christmas

New York shopping arcades are one of the best places to shop for Christmas within the United States. Shopping arcades in New York follow a modern and elegant style that is completely different than the traditional style of shopping. City centres and shopping malls in the United Kingdom follow traditional methods during every festival and New York follows modern ideas to organise holiday shopping in an innovative way for Christmas every year. There are so many shopping centres in New York and most of the centres maintain a modern approach to decorating their shops. The weather in New York is amazing during the time of Christmas and the decorations of the city are fascinating due to the shining lights. Most of the shops in New York offer wonderful Christmas presents for guests as well! 

The celebrations during the time of Christmas are remarkable due to the huge crowds, along with different types of the light shows near the city centre. Instead of shopping malls in New York, window shopping provides a better experience to its buyers at a reasonable rate. Window Shopping during Christmas in New York does cost a few dollars to buy various products but is otherwise rewarding. Christmas in New York provides an excellent opportunity to experience a festival-esque vibe up close.

Christmas in New York is unique when it comes to the lights, markets, buzz, and of course, the delicious food all around. New York City has many shopping malls along with markets and some of the shops are truly the best picks for visitors.

Popular Shopping Malls During Christmas in the New York:

1. Columbus Circle Shopping Malls

The Shops at Columbus Circle, New York, New York, New York

The Shops at Columbus Circle, Shopping Mall in New York

Situated at the heart of Manhattan, this urban shopping mall is one of New York City’s prime destinations for shopping and eating.

The shopping centre is located in the centre of New York City and it is the main shopping centre for several kinds of items. The infrastructure of the malls is quite complex as it does not follow the traditional structure. The design of the mall looks like a modern skyscraper and the mall is quite famous among the people living in the urban area. During the time of Christmas, the shopping centre offers several new products to its local customers. During Christmas in New York, this shopping mall is decorated with lights to attract visitors.

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2. Westfield World Trade Center

Westfield World Trade Center, New York

Westfield World Trade Center, Shopping Mall in New York

This shopping mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the United States of America. This mall opened in 2016 and it has enough space for a huge amount of people to enable a better shopping experience during Christmas. Some famous stores are also here, along with top retail brands. During Christmas, several events take place as well, enabling greater recreation for shoppers. The Westfield World Trade Centre launches several new products for local communities at the time of Christmas in New York. You can find many furnished apartments in New York by near this shopping mall.

3. Staten Island Mall

Staten Island Mall, New York

Staten Island Mall, New York

This mall is located in the centre of Springville in New York and includes 200 shops. The shop is one of the oldest malls in the country, and it was opened in 1973. This mall plans several activities during Christmas to provide a festive experience to guests. Christmas in New York becomes more memorable at this shopping mall, especially if your child happens to spot Santa.

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Best Christmas Markets in New York

1. Grand Holiday Bazaar

This market is one of the special ones among the other markets during the festival of Christmas. The market plans to decorate its surroundings in such a way as to attract local customers and it offers various Christmas products at a reasonable rate for customers. The market offers furniture, jewellery, clothing and Christmas crafts and all of these are local products. The market generally gets crowded before the week of Christmas and the market also offers different local cuisines for visitors to try. The market is decorated with several handmade products along with lighting during Christmas in New York.

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2. Grand Central Holiday Fair

The market is one of the best Christmas markets in New York and is hugely popular amongst visitors, especially during the festive seasons. This area has a fairground and it comes alive during this time. Approximately one million shoppers come to visit the holiday fair during Christmas and several luxurious gifts are also available here. The crowd starts increasing within the market area from 14th December onwards. This shopping centre and holiday fair celebrates Christmas in New York in grand fashion, spreading the message of love, warmth, bonhomie, and community. It is certainly a must-visit for all those who are in Christmas in this period.

3. Christmas Market

The Christmas market offers a visual experience along with several products for local people during the festival. Christmas trees, Santa Claus and different kinds of lights are generally used by the market to decorate the entire area. The light festival draws many visitors to this market and the ambiance of the market is magnificent due to modern decorations. Lanterns and twinkling lights add  their own vibrant appeal to the place as well. Christmas music along with animated Christmas trees create that special feeling effortlessly. Generally, children love to visit this market with their parents during Christmas, just to experience the beauty of the lights and other decorations. Approximately 400,000 people visit this place to view their lights and shop along the way! The light festival is immensely popular at this market.

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The festival has also garnered acclaim throughout the entire country over the years. The tickets for this light festival are available on the official website of this market from 3rd October 2022. People are allowed to dance to Christmas music at the amazing light event. The event is the main highlight for residents of New York, in the build-up to Christmas. Visitors and local people of the city gather in the market to celebrate Christmas in New York. The light show generally occurs at the stadium within the market and the theme of the event is based on Christmas. Modern technologies combine with enchanting decorations to create a spell-binding experience for visitors. Of course, there are many Christmas goodies and delights available at this market too. It is the quintessentially appealing holiday   market with lighting, events, music, dancing, shopping, food, and the warm spirit of community. 

Sounds a lot like Christmas in New York!

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