9 Best Neighborhoods in Singapore to Live With Family

Singapore is an economic powerhouse on the world’s financial markets, this seems hard to believe if you look at the tiny island country on a map. However, the prosperity of this city-state is obvious when you first lay eyes on it in its glass and steel flesh.

Modern, state of the art buildings and infrastructure, well run transportation systems, leisure pursuits galore and above all a twenty-first century business environment. If you’re looking to move to Singapore to work you’re going to need to know the answers to a few questions, according to your circumstances.

If your are looking for the best and budget friendly neighborhoods in Singapore to live with family or as a professional, here you can find the information about some of Singapore’s most popular residential areas and neighborhoods.

Discover the List of 9 Best Neighborhoods in Singapore to Live

1. Marina Bay

If you want to make your commute as short as possible then Marina Bay should certainly be a consideration. The area benefits from have two stations on the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport system).

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay is a concentrated version of the modern side of Singapore in itself. Not only is it where some of Singapore’s biggest businesses have their largest offices but it is also one of the centres for Singapore’s modern leisure offerings. This is why Marina Bay is one of the most popular places to visit in Singapore.

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There’s a picturesque waterfront lined with some of the best restaurants in the city as well as some of the top clubs and shops. Thesqua.re can also offer some of the top serviced apartments in Singapore here.

2. East Coast

If you want to mingle with other expats, then East Coast is one of the most popular places for overseas workers to live.

Singapore Flyer and East Coast Park Express Way

Singapore Flyer and East Coast Park Express Way

As with most of the modern areas of Singapore, it is full of restaurants, bars, shopping centres as well as countless other leisure activities. East Coast does have a healthy slice of traditional Singapore too which blends seamlessly with the new.

It isn’t as central as other areas which means it offers much more value for money in terms of accommodation. It’s ideally suited to people who want a slower pace to their home life in comparison to their work life. It’s not only peaceful but beautiful too. Locals associate the area with miles of tree lined streets and sandy beaches.

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3. Hougang

If you’re one of those people who likes to be in on a secret from the beginning, the type of person who likes to set a trend rather than follow one, then Hougang might just be the place for you.

Sunrise in Hougang (Singapore)

Sunrise in Hougang (Singapore)

Considered one of Singapore’s most up and coming areas, this is a quiet, residential zone that is becoming more and more popular as each unique restaurant, boutique and street vendor pops up.

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Always seen as a good place to live due to it’s schools and other family amenities this is fast transforming from suburbsville into trendyville.

4. Outram Park

Heading back towards the Central Business District, Outran Park is the most central place where Singapore’s culture clash is most evident. ‘Clash’ is probably too strong word for the blend that Outram Park enjoys.

Urban Cityscape Outram in Singapore

Urban Cityscape Outram in Singapore

It’s where old Singapore meets the new, where East meets West and all the cultures in the cities melting pot mix together. You’ll find streets that are lined with skyscrapers down one side and old wooden buildings on the other.

This mix offers a fantastic array of shops and restaurants from every culture in Singapore, local dishes served alongside European classics, catering for all tastes. Outram Park is the ideal location for the business traveller who wants to be close to the CBD as well as being able to sample the real Singapore in their leisure time.

5. Balestier

Another place to consider if you like the more traditional aspects of Singapore. Most streets are lined with traditional local eateries where you can sample some of the best cuisine that Singapore has always offered throughout the years.

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Burmese Buddhist Temple singapore

Burmese Buddhist Temple singapore

However, this traditional feel masks the fact that Balestier is in a fantastic location near to both the business and leisure hubs of the city, with modern bars, restaurants and shopping centres within easy reach. This is an area which may appeal more to the younger traveller. There is a thriving ex-pat community and a fast pace to life which may not suit people who want to relax in the evenings, rather than head straight back into the city to party.

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With that said, Balestier is still one of the best places to stay if you want to get a taste of all of the sub cultures that make up this vibrant city-state.

6. Robertson Quay

Speaking of eateries, if you judge a destination by the range and quality of these then you’ll be right at home straight away in Robertson Quay. If you can’t find enough variety here then don’t worry, you’re right next to the far more hectic Clarke Quay too.

Robertson Quay in Singapore (Morning View)

Robertson Quay in Singapore (Morning View)

It’s hard to believe that this beautiful location on the banks of the Singapore River was all swamp in the not too distant past. It is an area with a rich history which began around the end of the 1800s. As Singapore expanded, this area began to thrive and European and Chinese settlers made this their home and workplace, as they still do today.

7. Sentosa Island

If you’re looking for exclusivity then Sentosa Island should be top of your list. Luxury accommodation here can be hard to come by, but fortunately we have some of the best serviced apartments in Sentosa Island and across the whole city.

Sentosa Island in Singapore

Sentosa Island in Singapore

As well as luxury, this area is known for its tranquility, something that is very hard to come by in Singapore. Relax on the beach in front of stunning views of the ocean, this is a premium area for leisure time which makes it an idyllic place to be able to call home.

8. Bukit Timah

This area is bursting with culture from across the world, a stroll through the streets of Bukit Timah will treat your ears to chatter in languages from across the globe. The cuisines and cultures to be experienced in such a small area are vast, everybody can find their place here.

Singapore Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Singapore Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

This area has the added advantage of being one of the most green on the list. Living here means that Singapore’s fantastic Botanic Gardens are within walking distance, for whenever you fancy a peaceful stroll.

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The area is named after the hill called Bukit Timah. Climbing this hill will treat you to some stunning views of Singapore city, great for a photo remembering your stay.

9. Changi

If you want the area you stay in to be on the side of traditional rather than modern, then Changi is well worth considering. The buildings are a little more old Singaporean and far more spread out. There is a small sense of privacy and although the area is still busy, it seems to move at a much slower pace.

Rain vortex at Jewel Changi Airport, Changi, Singapore

Rain vortex at Jewel Changi Airport, Changi, Singapore

If you’re travelling for business don’t worry, you’re far from being cut off in Changi. Some of Singapore’s biggest businesses locate themselves on the East Coast and it is particularly handy for Changi Airport and the Changi Business District, as you would expect!


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