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Top Furnished Apartments in Hongkou

Hongkou has superior innovation and development. The city of Hongkou is all set to provide the best tour to visitors. We have an elite range of serviced apartments in Hongkou curated for global travelers. One with business intentions will adore the lifestyle we offer at our travel abodes. From travel and comfort perspective, our curated homes have a lot to experience. 

From big hotels to Keno Kuma, each building is worth gazing at. Coming back to a home-like bed, a spacious living area and a homely kitchen in a city like Shanghai is unique. Our travel abodes are here to give this fresh outlook to travel accommodation. Stay flexible with our fully-furnished abodes in all the great spots of Hongkou. 

Top Serviced Apartments in Hongkou for Tourists and Travelers 

The serviced abodes come air-conditioned to make guests feel instantly at home. The apartment with its luxurious outlook impresses travellers of all kinds. It has a complete kitchen that includes a microwave, oven, cutlery set, and even wine glasses. The living room has elegant sofa sets with fine cushions to comfort you. The living rooms give a fresh touch. Large airy windows offer a great view for your evening coffee. 

One biggest disadvantage of luxury hotels is their cold vibe. Paying a long bill and still getting a distant living experience can disappoint. The spacious abodes offer way more comfort and a sense of belongingness than a hotel suite. It is perfect for one to stretch and unwind with privacy and coziness. Some of the outdoor leisure facilities include spa treatments and pool access. You must spare some time for me-time sessions. We also have complimentary gym facilities to focus on your fitness. 

Where to Stay in Hongkou 

Furnished apartments in Hongkou fall within 2 km of the Qipu Lu Clothing market. Another area to consider is Nanjing Road which is a famous shopping district. The locality has a great Riverside Promenade and beautiful parks too. Some other exciting places to visit are The Bund and Old Chinese City. Overall,  the district is an exciting place to explore.

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More about Hongkou, Shanghai

Facts About Hongkou 

Hongkou is the sleepy district of Shanghai. It tries to hold on to history. Some interesting facts to excite you for your stay in our furnished apartments in Hongkou are: 

  • The city International Settlement Hongkou is the living museum of Shanghai. 
  • Hongkou's history is part of the combined American and British Settlement. It was built in mid of the 1800s. 
  • Hongkou is known for its generous multiculturality. They welcomed 40000 Jews refugees from Germany. 
  • The history of Shanghai is still evident in Hongkou. The place has Shanghai's Art Deco Heritage architecture. It includes a photogenic 1933 slaughterhouse too. 

Weather at Hongkou 

Hongkou has very hot summers that can get very warm and steamy. Winters are cold but also wet and windy, and dips very low too. The ideal time to visit Hongkou is from September to mid of October for most local fun. The abodes can combat each weather alike. Our serviced apartments in Hongkou come well furnished to ease guests with all kinds of tastes.