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Top 10 Nightclubs in New York for the Best Nightlife Experience

Paul's Cocktail Lounge, New York
Paul’s Cocktail Lounge, New York

Boasting a multitude of things to see and do, New York attracts millions of tourists every year. But while the city is by day a clean-cut historic and cultural icon, NYC by night is a completely different beast. And is it any wonder that one of the most famous cities in the world would have one of the best nightlife scenes, with its combination of late-night restaurants, cocktail bars, DJ clubs and more? For those new to The Big Apple, experiencing the two faces of the city is a must, and whatever your taste, it’s a guarantee you’ll find something to suit you. So leave that studio apartment behind, check out of the hotel for a night, and instead take in these legendary moonlight hotspots. Who needs sleep anyway?

Here are the list of top 10 nightclubs in New York:

1. Paul’s Cocktail Lounge

One of the most exclusive doors in Manhattan, Paul’s Cocktail Lounge was opened by DJ and nightlife connoisseur Paul Sevigny as a follow-up to his popular Beatrice Inn (also worth checking out). Frequented by both A-Listers and up-and-comers, this club is located within New York’s exclusive Roxy Hotel, and boasts a sleek interior, buttoned-up bar staff and dance floor. Music consists of both throwback hits and global chart-toppers, with plenty of hip-hop and house thrown in. Make sure you stay until the disco ball goes up for the full experience.

Location: The Roxy Hotel, 2 Sixth Avenue, New York, 10023

Open Time: Tue-Sat 10pm-4am

2. 1 OAK

Arguably one of the best nightclubs in Manhattan for music lovers and partygoers, 1 OAK has solidified its reputation as a mainstay of the hip-hop scene since its opening in 2007. Hosting launch parties for the biggest studio artists of the day, including Kanye West and Cardi B, this swanky nightclub swaps out flashing lights and big-ticket DJs for sit-down table service and more intimate revelry. That is of course until the party begins on its 375-capacity dance floor. And with locations in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Dubai, 1 OAK can now be enjoyed by tourists all over the world.

Location: 453 W 17th St, New York, 10011

Open Time: Tue-Sun 11pm-4am

3. House of Yes

Escape the hustle and bustle of Manhattan mainstays with this Bushwick-based nightclub that manages to combine class with creativity. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, House of Yes hosts the kind of boundary-blurring events to convert even the most sceptical partygoer. Roller-disco parties, deep house yogo, aerialists, magicians; all kinds of entertainment goes on in this newly-crowned NYC staple. And of course, there’s also the usual mix of fabulous drinks, top tracks, and celebrity guests. It’s easy to just say yes.

Location: 2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, 11237

Open Time: Open Every Day 3pm-4am

4. Bossa Nova Civic Club

Another Brooklyn-based hotspot, Bossa Nova Civic Club can be found tucked away beneath the M Line’s Central Avenue subway stop. But this deep-buried nightclub is anything but underground. A hub of techno nightlife in Bushwick, the club boasts a long history of hosting the biggest trance, house and hip-hop stars, among them Adam X, Heather Heart and Jamie xx. The cocktails are relatively cash-friendly, the dance floor is always fun, and the club is also tropical-themed for an added bonus.

Location: 1271 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, 11221

Open Time: Open Every Day 7am-4am

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5. The Blond

Best enjoyed as a first stop in the night, this stylish, gold-accented lounge at the 11 Howard Hotel offers cocktails and DJ sets for the early party crowd. Many of the clientele consist of in-the-know locals, but tourists are welcome too, and as a convenient jumping-off point for a wild night of club hopping, The Blond’s early close means that it can even be enjoyed by those who have things to do the next day.

Location: 11 Howard St, New York, 10013

Open Time: Mon-Sat 5pm-10pm

6. Electric Room

Step out of that serviced apartment in New York and head down to the Electric Room for a journey into London punk. And we mean literally down, as this underground nightclub is located at the bottom of a run-down rabbit hole ramp in Manhattan’s otherwise resplendent Chelsea district. One of the best retro-rock joints in NYC, the Electric Room comes complete with Gothic-inspired chandeliers, velvet and leather chairs draped in Union Jacks, and a rock-heavy playlist. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of hip-hop to groove to on the dance floor – just double-check the dress code before you visit.

Location: The Dream Downtown, 335 W 16th St, New York, 10011

Open Time: Wed-Sun 11pm-4am

7. Le Bain

Perched atop Manhattan’s Standard Hotel, this converted penthouse apartment boasts a rooftop bar, discotheque, and serviced hot tub! Hosting an eclectic mix of events, including regular studio parties, this venue might be one of the best places to watch the sunset over the Hudson River. Whether you’re a tourist or resident, a night at Le Bain has to be considered a New York night-out rite of passage. A dance floor, made-to-order crepes, celebrity sightings and sweeping city vistas – even if you don’t get your feet wet, what’s not to like?

Location: The Standard, High Line, 848 Washington St, New York, 10014

Open Time: Open 7 Days A Week, Times Vary

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8. The Box

Leave the kids at home for this one. The Box is Manhattan’s answer to Paris’ debaucherous Moulin Rouge, and is known as much for its curious variety shows as for its drinks and dance floor. Shows start from 1am and have included in the past such audacious displays as experimental martial arts, choreographed nude dancing, and a surprise Pussy Riot performance. Since opening in 2007, The Box has been preceded by its anything-goes reputation, and is now a forbidden staple of NYC nightlife. Wink.

Location: 189 Chrystie St, New York, 10002

Open Time: Tue-Sat 11pm-4am

9. Fleur Room

As its name suggests, Fleur Room is serviced by a flowery, botanical motif in its design and branding. A new rooftop club-lounge at the Moxy Chelsea hotel in Manhattan, visitors can enjoy cocktails and fancy bar snacks (steak au poivre, truffle grilled cheese) while enjoying the panoramic city view. The venue also hosts regular DJs to play partygoers from evening into night. One of the best ways of basking in New York’s impressive skyline, drinks at Fleur Room should be one of the first things on every To Do list, and renting an apartment in the hotel below can ensure the party goes on as long as you wish.

Location: Moxy Chelsea,105 W 28th St, New York, 10001

Open Time: Open Mon-Sat, Times Vary

10. FREQ

A big blowout venue in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighbourhood, FREQ keeps the party going until the small hours. Make sure you clear your schedule of things to do the next day, because this club will show you why New York is the city that never sleeps with its 6am closing time. Multiple dance floors and live performances from global DJs guarantee great nights for tourists and locals alike. In short, it has all the hallmarks of big city nightlife to keep you coming back time and time again.

Location: 637 W 50th St, New York, 10019

Open Time: Open Fri-Sun, Times Vary

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BONUS: Elsewhere Club

The Elsewhere club is worth the train ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn for the space alone. Housed in a refurnished Bushwick warehouse, this nighttime hotspot is a 24,000 square-foot multi-concept concert venue and restaurant, complete with rooftop cocktail bar. Featuring regular DJ slots, live bands and hip-hop sets, all music tastes are catered to within this lively urban oasis. Consult the line-up before you head over for one of the best nights out in Brooklyn.

Location: 599 Johnson Ave #1, Brooklyn, 11237

Open Time: Open Every Day, Times Var

Do visit these top 10 nightclubs in NYC during your next visit to this lively city and make your evening happening!

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