Top 5 biggest cities in the Netherlands

Are you planning to move to the Netherlands? Or do you want to discover the major cities? The blog is going to be the best guide for you. Here are the top 5 biggest cities in the Netherlands that are rapidly growing. Explore the rich cultural heritage of the Dutch cities. Let’s dive in!

  1. Amsterdam 

Area: 219.3

Population: 2.4 million

Are you visiting Amsterdam for the first time? It is one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands. The Dutch capital is ready to welcome you with canals, magnificent houses, tulips, beautiful bridges, and many more. The vibrant European city in North Holland attracts most international companies due to its unmatched financial opportunities. Every year, people worldwide come to Amsterdam, one of the major cities in Holland, for its eccentric sights and liberal culture. 

Top tourist attractions in Amsterdam

  • Royal Palace
  • Leidseplein & Nightlife
  • Canal cruises
  • Vondelpark
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Central Square
  • NEMO Science Museum
  • Van Gogh Museum

Key Highlights

  • You will be amazed to know that Amsterdam is a low-lying area. The wooden poles and prominent canal system have been a robust support for the terrain. 
  • Here people use more bikes than cars. Doesn't that sound good? While exploring the city, follow the right path.
  • Amsterdam has 165 canals with a length of 50 km, thus popularized with the nickname the "Venice of the North."  
  • The city is filled with lots of slender houses due to tax concessions. You will find the narrowest house on Oude Hoostraat 22. 
  • Smoking has been banned in public since 2008. Once caught, you may have to pay a lump sum fine.
  • The capital city is the first one to legalize same-sex marriage. Hence, it has become a popular tourist destination for the LGBT community.  


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  1. Rotterdam

Area: 324.1

Population: 2.7 million

Rotterdam comes second among the biggest cities in the Netherlands. The important economic center is best known for its riverside setting, imposing buildings, unique skyline, lively culture, breathtaking monuments, maritime heritage, and much more. Lied along the Nieuwe Mass, the city is filled with old as well as new architectural delights. Getting around in Rotterdam is a cakewalk for tourists as everybody speaks English. So, plan your next weekend in this prestigious city and make it perfect.

Top Tourist Attractions in Rotterdam

  • Erasmusbrug
  • Cube houses
  • Old harbour
  • Fenix Food Factory
  • Kunsthal 
  • Miniworld
  • Euromast
  • Rotterdam Zoo
  • Market hall
  • Great Church of Rotterdam

Key Highlights

  • Although below sea level, the port city is highly protected by dams, levies, and dikes. It’s indeed a well-connected port with lots of maritime activities.
  • Even after suffering in the Second World War, one of the few major cities in Holland still has the world’s largest incredible piece of art. How incredible a transition!
  • With 170 nationalities, the multi-cultural European city is a year-round destination for people worldwide. 
  • Along with the cradle of architecture in one of the major cities in Holland, the entire city has plenty of greeneries.
  • Rotterdam is known as the working city of the Netherlands. Here, people are straightforward, focus on working hard, and earn money.
  • In Rotterdam, giving nicknames to the people as well as buildings is a real game. Here are some popular ones: the Koopgoot for Buying Gutter, De Kuip for the Feijenoord football stadium, The Swan for the Erasmus Bridge, and Shark's Mouth for Rotterdam Central Station. The city itself has nicknames like Rotown, Rotjeknor, Roffa, 010. 


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  1. The Hague/ Den Haag

Area: 286.3

Population: 0.56 million

The Hague comes third in the list of biggest cities in the Netherlands. The city offers plenty of sights, from royal palaces and national monuments to beautiful architectural sites and majestic churches. An abode to the royal family, embassies, and 150 international organizations, including the International Court of Justice, the city has several spectacular museums, art galleries, suburban beaches, and a manifold of activities. It is the birthplace of some renowned Dutch artists. Visit the beautiful Dutch city and explore its elegant streets and squares. 

Top Tourist Attractions in The Hague

  • Louwman Museum
  • Mauritshuis
  • De Pier
  • Peace Palace
  • Keukenhof
  • Japanese Garden
  • Madurodam
  • Escher in Het Paleis
  • Museum Beelden aan Zee

Key Highlights

It would be best if you came to the Justice Capital to feel the ultimate cosmopolitan vibe. With wide avenues, magnificent architecture, an attractive coastline, and some of the most outstanding architecture, you will fall for the Hague.

Since winter is pretty cold here, visiting the Hague in the Summer is best. Stroll around the local antique market and enjoy the holiday mood with your loved ones.

Are you a festival person? If yes, the Hague is the best place for you. Try to attend any festivals – Kite Festival, Jazz in de Gracht, Free Music Festival, Spotlight Festival, Liberation Festival and attend them for free.

Get soaked in beer after a day of exploration at the Grote Marktstraat. As the most extensive shopping avenue of the biggest cities in the Netherlands, the place offers a unique vibe and some cozy cafes and bars.

While in the vintage city, explore the gorgeous De Passage. The 19th-century glass-covered dazzling shopping street is ideal for luxury shopping and relishing some tempting delicacies. 


It's a great choice to live in the Dutch City. Living in the Hague is preferable, with friendly local communities and excellent communications. If you want to explore the city, three days is enough. Opt for booking hotels or serviced apartments in The Hague in a family-centric neighborhood.

  1. Utrecht

Area: 99.21

Population: 0.57 million

Boasting parks and canals, historical buildings, and cozy restaurants, Utrecht is worth visiting. Often named Little Amsterdam, the city gives a unique appeal. With an accessible network to the other parts of the Netherlands, getting around in one of the major cities in Holland seems like a cakewalk. The busiest waterways, tropical greenhouses, botanic gardens, tempting shops, and other visible landmarks make Utrecht a fun-filling destination. 

Top Tourist Attractions Utrecht

  • De Haar Castle
  • Dom Church
  • TivoliVredenburg
  • Railway Museum
  • Canal and shipyards
  • Flower Market Janskerkhof
  • The Central Museum
  • Rietveld Schroder House 

Key Highlights

  • It is one of the major cities in Holland that gives you a lively atmosphere for those who love craziness.
  • Consider public transport, including buses and trains, to get around the city.
  • You will get to see diverse street art on every corner of the neighborhood.
  • Try to attend seasonal festivals, including Oude Muziek, the St. Maartens parade, the Central Park festival, and many more.
  • The beautiful historic city is popular among tourists from all over the world. 


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  1.  Eindhoven

Area: 88.92

Population: 0.37 million

Eindhoven, a prominent name among the biggest cities in the Netherlands, is a pioneer of technology and innovation. The fifth largest city of the Netherlands is best known for its University of Technology, innovative design hubs, welcoming city culture, and sparkling nightlife. The most innovative region of the world has something to offer for everyone. With friendly inhabitants and various attractions, you can plan a visit to this fascinating city.

Top Tourist Attractions in Eindhoven

  • Philips Stadium
  • Park Theater
  • Downtown Gourmet Market
  • Stadswandelpark
  • St. Catherine’s Church
  • DAF Museum
  • Van Abbemuseum
  • Speelpark de Splinter

Key Highlights

  • Every year in November, an eye-catching light festival takes place in Eindhoven. With the help of technology, the famous Glow festival creates some stunning light installations and transforms the friendly city into a vibrant one.
  • Eindhoven is world-famous for cars, soccer, cigars, and light bulbs. International giants like ASML and Philips are based here. Hence, the name “City of Light” is appropriate. 
  • If you are in Eindhoven town, try delicious Dutch cuisine. The city has countless cafes, bars, restaurants, and entertainment options. Get around on foot or by cycling, or use public transportation.
  • If you want to know the background story of science and technology, add Evoluon to your must-visit list. The iconic hub engages you in varied workshops and learning programs. No matter how old you are, the science museum will provide an enchanting experience. 


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Final Thoughts

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