7 Best Neighborhoods in Washington DC for Young Professionals

Several places exist within the location of Washington DC in the United States of America. Multiple residential properties are available within the city of Washington DC and most properties exist for the family and couples. Some properties are located in the place of Washington DC and these properties are especially for young professionals. Some reasonable properties for young professionals are available in Washington DC and few people consider some places as the best neighborhoods in Washington DC.

Washington DC, United States

Here are the 7 best neighborhoods in Washington DC for young professionals where one can think of staying:

1. Columbia Heights

This area is close to the neighborhood of Columbia Heights and this area offers several flats and apartments that come with two, three and more than these numbers of bedrooms. Several facilities are available close to the area of Washington DC and residents can easily travel within the area of Washington DC. People can access daily necessities within walking distance as grocery stores are close to the main street of this area. This area has some furnished apartments in Washington DC. Several transportation systems are available and local people rely on various transport facilities to reach their destinations. Some residents can easily access within walking distance and few people need to depend on cabs to reach the metro station. The cost of food in Columbia Heights is average keeping in mind the non-profit organizations along with young professionals. The living cost in this area is cost-effective and few young professionals find this area as the best neighborhoods in Washington DC.

2. H Street Corridor 

This area of the city of Washington DC offers commercial and residential areas and people can choose to reside in them based on their interests. The neighborhood area is close to the place of Columbia Heights. Supermarkets and shopping centres are quite close to the main street of Washington DC. Local people get the best shopping experience after visiting these shopping malls as these malls offer different kinds of products at an average rate. The H Street Corridor offers few furnished apartments in Washington DC for professionals. Some young professionals migrate to this area due to work purposes and they rely on transportation systems to reach their organizations. The nightlight of the city guides professionals to feel safe even at midnight and the view of the city at night is amazing. The price of living in this area is comparatively higher than the neighborhood area of Columbia Heights. Different kinds of people reside in this area such as middle-aged people, aged people, family and young professionals. Some professionals consider this place as the best neighborhood in Washington DC.

3. Chinatown

The tradition of this area is quite associated with historical culture and aged people love this area of this city due to its rich culture. The crime rates in this area have decreased as several people started moving to this city. Buildings in this area are getting renovated with time and it is attracting people to migrate to the area from the neighborhood area. As the renovation of these residential properties has been continuing, people can expect to get furnished apartments in Washington DC. The location of this area is the main reason young people come and stay in the area. This place offers several affordable shopping items and essential grocery items. Different types of housing options are available in Chinatown for residents and the household income overall of 30 aged people is $88456. Middle-aged people think this place is one of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC.

4. Capitol Hill 

This area is near the area of Columbia Heights and the prices of the residential properties are higher than the properties of Columbia Heights. The cost of living properties is almost similar to the area of the H Street Corridor. Some people find the cost of these apartments expensive due to not meeting the financial amount. The capitol building is the most expensive building in this area and young professionals figure to look out several properties to rent or purchase. These rooms come with several facilities and the price of the bedrooms covers all the facilities. Several museums and parks in Capitol Hill are located near this area and most people prefer to visit this area during holidays. Residents find several eating options at an average rate and different types of cuisine are available within the area of Capitol Hill. Some Professionals find this area as the best neighborhood in Washington DC.

5. U Street 

This area offers several properties for the people and this area is especially known for the music centre area. Several theaters are located near U Street and a few art galleries are situated close to U Street. Different types of professional artists are available within these art gallery centres. Some creative professionals reside within the area of U Street and real estate properties are quite more reasonable than in other areas of Washington DC. Public transportation systems are interconnected and people can travel to different places easily within the city. Young professionals think of this area as the best neighborhood in Washington DC.

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6. Dupont Circle

This area offers several properties within the area of Washington DC and several places are located within a walking distance. Local people find it easier to access all the essential items and people use different transportation systems to reach several places. Young professionals reside in this area and few of them live a luxurious life. The cost of living is comparatively higher than most of the cities in Washington DC. Several amenities are situated in the area of Dupont Circle. Few residents think that it is the best neighborhood in Washington DC.

7. West End

This place is one of the most popular areas among young professionals and the living area of this place comes with several facilities within an average cost. The fare of different types of transportation services is quite affordable and working people prefer to take cabs to reach their workplaces. Some professionals can easily afford some luxury residences and Columbia hospital is near the West End area. Several daily necessities are situated within the area as well. Young professionals of this place consider this place as the best neighborhood in Washington DC.

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