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Here at HQ we are fast approaching our 8th anniversary – constantly evolving and continuing to develop; providing you the very best in corporate serviced apartments!

All of our hard-work is getting noticed by some of the biggest and influential entrepreneurs that have had a huge impact within their industry Рwhich is why this month we have started holding talks and Q & A sessions on a monthly basis; with huge players in the market sharing their knowledge and influencing our team.

With all of this great knowledge on offer, we think it should be shared with you guys too.

This month, gave us an insight into how he founded and what he learned on his way to turning the business into a $multi-billion company.

Highlights included:

  • How he came up with the concept of eBookers
  • Market predictions within the UK travel industry
  • How important it was to “let go of total control”
  • The departments he heavily invested in
  • How he brokered deals with Yahoo! and Google

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