Explore Street Markets in Paris

Paris offers art, movies, food, culture, history and romance. But, a stroll through the markets are a part of the quintessential Parisian experience as well. There are so many markets to choose from and so little time! Find service apartments in Paris to discover these trinkets.

Paris Street Markets

Types of Street Markets in Paris:

Art and Antiques

From vintage souvenirs to on-auction collectibles, art and antique markets in Paris can help you take a piece of the capital home. Visit Brocante des Abbesses, one of the favorite Sunday markets where you can meet locals and artists.

Books and collectibles

A weekend in Paris can help you explore the world of ancient books and affordable first copies . Adorned with a time-worn charm some of these gems can’t even be found on the internet. Known markets for the same are Bouquinistes, Marché du Livre ancien et d’occasion and Marché aux timbres.

Pop-up Fashion Markets

Fashion runs through the streets of Paris, but high-end brands are not the only source for buying the best in clothing. Every neighborhood has its own market, so you can easily find one of these well-dressed Parisian events near your place to stay in Paris.

Flea Markets

Parisian flea markets are a treasure trove for vintage lovers. It is also an invaluable source for second-hand wonders. A trinket from one of these markets helps your short stay in Paris have a lasting memory. From beautiful ceramics to vintage kitchenware and cutlery, the home collection in these markets are alluring and precious. Other antique objects like cameras, furniture, lightings and gilded pieces make these markets a decor dream.

Food Markets

The fantasy food destination displays an array of the finest produce of the country. Filled with beautiful colors and aromas, Parisian food markets display the rudiments of culinary excellence. Marché d’Aligre and Marché Bastille are the most well-known open food markets in Paris.


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